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April 23rd, 2012 Posted 7:38 am

“Hi out there, everybody,” Spence says. “You’ll note a slight redesign of the blog.”

“Time marches on,” says Admin. “And only in one direction. Einstein explained why that had to be.”

“Um, right. Anyway, we hope people like it.”

“Are you going to tell them about the upcoming – “


Welcome Ginger.

Tonight at 7, Plymouth Public Library, Plymouth MA: Spencer Quinn and Peter Abrahams.


Thereby Hangs A Tail


January 5th, 2010 Posted 6:27 am

Today is pub date for Thereby Hangs A Tail. Everyone here at, from Chet on down, thanks all our readers. 

Tomorrow: back home in the Valley.


Thanks, Everybody!


June 21st, 2009 Posted 7:59 am

Sunday – how do I know? Elvis gospel on the radio. Bernie says to point out it’s XM/Sirius, because some in the down below part have been asking. 

Also, he says that yesterday was the sixth-month birthday of, and we should thank everyone who takes the time to read it or get involved in the down below part. He loves the down below part, sometimes reads it to Suzie on the phone. He says started on Inauguration Day. “Coincidence?” he says. “You decide.” Bernie can be hard to understand at times but I’ve never run across a human who smells as good, actually dog-like in some ways. Here’s that first post. Back to Greed and Petroglyphs tomorrow. 

Inauguration Day. Don’t know what that means, exactly, but Bernie’s been glued to the TV all day. Bernie and I run the Little Detective Agency. I’ll get into that some other time. The only interesting thing I picked up from the TV is that those two little girls want one of my guys to join their family, my guys meaning a member of what Bernie calls the nation within the nation, namely dogs. Anyway, a great idea! I can’t join their family myself, of course – much too busy and besides, we’re a team, me and Bernie – but I’ve spent some time in the pound and know there are plenty of good candidates there. By the way, just in case you got the idea I can talk, I can’t (and wouldn’t even want to). But I can think, better believe it!


The Books

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