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March 29th, 2009 Posted 7:09 am

Sunday morning- how I know is because Elvis gospel is on the radio. Bernie’s a big fan of Elvis gospel. The truth is that the only Elvis gospel song I like is Milky White Way. We’re listening in the car, not at home, because we’re on a case. Some hikers found something bad out in the desert – not sure what – and Lt. Stine wants us to have a look. Meanwhile here’s a poem Charlie wrote for school. Have I mentioned Charlie, Bernie’s kid? He’s the greatest! But since the divorce, we don’t see him nearly enough.


       Chet’s a big strong guy

       He always looks you in the eye

       And he can leap so high!

       Here’s one thing you can safely bet

       I will always love Chet the Jet.

Bernie really likes the poem. He’s going to get a special frame for it, one that hides the teacher’s grade, which was a B minus, whatever that means.


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