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Haiku Winners!


April 24th, 2020 Posted 9:05 am

Ta-Da! In our Chet haiku contest we have two winners! Many thanks to everyone who gave it a whirl – what a creative bunch!

Christina Kramer Wells for this:

Chet – my ears don’t match
Best leaper – was there a cat?!
You bet, amigo!

And Amy Broughman for what we’ll call her whole body of work, of which this is a sample (complete with a rhyme – really impressive):

Oh, for a cruller!
First bite is the very best,
But so is the rest.

Each haikuist gets a signed advance reader copy (meaning bound uncorrected galleys) of the next Chet and Bernie novel, Of Mutts and Men. (Please message mailing addresses.) Maybe they could tell the rest of us their reactions to the story when they’ve read it. And meanwhile, don’t forget our publisher’s very nice preorder offer!





April 23rd, 2020 Posted 6:49 am

Some great Chet haikus coming in on the FB page. Not on FB? You can put them in comments here!


From Chet’s FB Page


April 22nd, 2020 Posted 8:45 am

This applies here at the blog as well:

A couple of days ago we asked for suggestions for some sort of contest where we could give away an advance reader copy of the next Chet and Bernie novel, Of Mutts and Men. (ARC’s are bound galleys sent to reviewers and bookstore people, the actual writer getting very few.) Amy Broughman suggested that the ARC go to someone named Amy Broughman, but perhaps that is topped by Tamara J. Mault who thought of a haiku contest on the subject of Chet. (Haikus are 17 syllable Japanese poems divided into lines of 5,7,5.) Should we give that a whirl? (Meanwhile Tamara, for her idea, wins an ARC – please message us a mailing address, Tamara.) We’ll keep this open for a few days. (I’ll sign the ARC, of course.)


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