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The 4th C&B E-Short Story


March 27th, 2015 Posted 7:41 am

As some of you know, there are 3 C&B e-shorts so far (99 cents!): A CAT WAS INVOLVED; THE IGGY CHRONICLES, VOLUME ONE; TAIL OF VENGEANCE. They always come out a month or so before the new C&B novel. But this will not be the case with e-short #4! No, sir! Because WOOF is coming April 28, and also because of the seasonal subject matter of #4, it will come out just before Thanksgiving.


April 28: WOOF (1st in a new middle-grade series)

Bastille Day: SCENTS AND SENSIBILITY (the new C&B)

Before Thanksgiving: C&B Xmas short story.

Memorize this! It will be on the test!


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