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Checkpoint Golovin


February 21st, 2012 Posted 9:01 am

“So we’re sponsoring a Snowhook checkpoint in the Iditarod?” Admin says.

“Looks like it’s the Golovin checkpoint,” Spence says. “We’ll do it in the name of the Chet and Bernie Mysteries.”

“What if I can’t find the check book?” Admin says.

Spence takes the check book form his pocket, waves it around. “Here’s a little of what Rebecca has to say about Golovin – ‘In 2007, I served as snowmachine support on a dog sledding expedition that follows the original trail of the serum run that saved the lives of the people of Nome in the 1925.  Leaving Golovin, and crossing the bay was the most difficult part of the trail for me … Unforgiving winds, whiteout conditions and going over sea ice, it was hard to get your bearings … Many mushers speak of relief when they finally cross the bay.'”

Welcome Chuck.

And a big shout-out to all the Plunderers for their amazing generosity, enthusiasm for Snowhook, and just plain sense of fun.


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