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Iditarod: Ceremonial Start


March 4th, 2012 Posted 10:52 am

“Got the laptop working?” says Spence. “Barely,” says Admin. “And who knows for how long. First – and we’re so grateful that Rebecca of Snowhook – ” “Our team!” ” – is taking the time to give us updates. Yesterday was the Ceremonial start, and today the actual race begins – I believe at 3 p.m., local time. You can follow the race at As you’ll see from Rebecca’s report, they’ve endured another setback, but their spirit is just amazing. And down at the bottom, we’ll post a picture of AJ and Twigs wearing patches that make us very proud. Here’s Rebecca:” Last night ended this morning and today started at 5 am. The Ceremonial Start is always a long day, and for us it has turned into a long night. I started writing this email from the vet emergency room where I took Rory, one of AJs main leaders late this evening.  She is having emergency spleen surgery.  We are awaiting word and keeping our fingers crossed. This is another blow to the team that is already down two main team members. Ceremonial Start: AJ and I toured eleven miles though the streets of Anchorage today with our Iditarider, Jan.  Individuals from all over bid for the eleven mile ride with their musher of choice in an auction. To buy the seat in the sled outright costs $7500. AJ was chosen by our Iditarider for our Greek last name. Yesterday was the dress rehearsal, Sunday is go time. We will enjoy breakfast with friends of the kennel, load up the dogs and head to the starting line. If a prize was given for shortest commute, we would likely win it; the eve starts across the street from our property. We will be honored to have a VIP (very important Plunderer), Charris join us for the restart tomorrow. AJ and team will be counted down shortly after 3 pm. And, then it is good-by.

Note about photo: We’re having some trouble posting it properly. 


Snowhook Iditarod Update


March 3rd, 2012 Posted 8:44 am

“Any more news from Alaska?” says Admin. “What’s happening with our team, our in the sense that they – Snowhook – are the ones we care about.”

“This is just in from Rebecca,” Spence says. “She sure has a way of making it all come alive.”

Tomorrow is the Ceremonial start, the dress rehersal.  It is a day for the fans.  We will leave the kennel around 7 am and drive into Anchorage with 16 dogs in the dog box, even though we will only run 12 dogs through the streets of Anchorage.  The Ceremonial Start is an 11 mile run, fans wave, take pictures and wish mushers well.  We will enjoy the time before we leave the starting line with friends of the kennel. 

The Ceremonial start doesn’t count towards race standings.  We hope tomorrow runs smoothly.  The first year we ran the race our dog truck was barely running.  We had no idea what to expect for the Ceremonial start including that we would be stopped several times while be directed where to park.  No problem for most people.  Our dog truck wouldn’t start if we stopped it—we knew this, the volunteers did not.  We opened the doors (the windows didn’t work either) and called to the volunteers, “Just point us where to go! We can’t stop!”  They passed paperwork to us as we coasted by their station and onto the next. 

And here’s AJ about to draw his race big #. Note mukluk.

Welcome Charlie.

Also – help: would someone please comment about exactly how to stream the race? Thanks – Admin.


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