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The Brothers Marx and Mogordo


August 20th, 2009 Posted 8:05 am

Trimmer – big bald guy, no gun, the gun in the hand of Freddie Dancer, still pointed at Suzie’s head – yanked open the broom closet door. Did he think it led to an upstairs? Did anybody? This was very confusing: there was no upstairs at 99 Mesquite Road. But no time for wondering what was on Trimmer’s mind, because things started happening fast. First came a surprise, although not a surprise to me, because I’d seen what happens when the broom closet door opened many times before.

What happens when the broom closet door opens? Things come flying out, that’s what happens. Bernie says it’s like the end of the Marx brothers stateroom scene. Don’t know the Marx brothers, although I have clear memories of the Mogordo brothers from Pedroia, real bad guys now wearing orange jump suits up at Central State. Just thinking about the Mogordo brothers gives me a funny feeling in my teeth, like they need to do a bit of biting. Funny the way that feeling came just as lots of action started up outside the broom closet at 99 Mesquite Road.


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