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A Secret Place

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June 13th, 2009 Posted 9:06 am

“So,” said Bernie, “there we were in this cave.”

“He loves caves,” Suzie said. “For some deep psychological reason.”

Bernie blushed. That hardly ever happens, and only with Suzie. “It turned out to be one of those caves that gets narrower and narrower. Pretty soon we were crawling along, me and Chet.” 

I remembered that part. Bernie is one of those real slow crawlers. 

“And then, way at that back, we saw a tiny chink of light – a cave with two openings, if you get the idea. We squeezed through this back opening and found ourselves high up on a steep rise, with sheer rocky walls on all sides and down below, completely in shadow, this miniature canyon, a square no bigger than half an acre or so. The kind of place that’s invisible except maybe from the air.”

“And there was something down there?” said Lt. Stine.

“Don’t rush me,” said Bernie.


And Out


April 4th, 2009 Posted 10:11 am

Way deep in the cave, the sounds of the rat scurrying away in the darkness, and then – what was that? A very strange feeling, like I wasn’t  moving but the earth under me was. I hate feelings like that – being on an elevator, for example, or even worse, an escalator. The escalator thing happened only once, perhaps a story for another time. Because right now the earth was moving under my feet, and then came this quiet boom.

“Chet! Run!” I turned, saw Bernie’s form framed in the opening of the cave. A rock fell from above, glanced off my tail. “Come on, Chet! Run!” I’m a good runner. I ran toward Bernie. Then came another boom, this one huge, and the next thing I knew we were rolling on the ground outside the cave, me and Bernie, dust boiling all around us. 

We got up, looked back. The cliff was still there but the hole was gone. There were just rocks, piles and piles of them. Then I noticed one other thing. That big flat metal can, shaped like a Frisbee? I seemed to have it in my mouth.


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