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Facts On The Ground (But Not Yet Under)


May 27th, 2010 Posted 9:36 am

“What happens if some newcomer arrives today?” Admin says. “They’d be lost. Maybe we should go back to tin futures – we’ve hardly scratched the surface, as it were.”

“You’re probably right,” Spence says. “But there have been some summaries of the case in the down-below section – what if we posted a couple of them?”

“And then went back to tin futures?”

“Can’t see any reason why not.”

The Case:

From Melanie:

Back January 8th we had our first clue from Chet. “Colonel Bob and Bernie had a long talk, something about Colonel Bob’s son, Ray. Is Ray in trouble? Are we on a case?”

Then nothing that mentions CB and his son until February 26th. Chet was going to actually tell us something, but it got complicated and there was an argument between the 3 two legged people.

On March 12th, Chet wants to “get back to work on Colonel Bob’s son’s case.” He doesn’t want to sniff for bedbugs.

March 17th, Bernie wants to go to Alaska but “If we weren’t so caught up in the Jason thing, we could make a quick trip up there. Alaska sounds good.’ the Jason thing, so hard to keep all the details straight. For starters, he’s Colonel Bob’s son. Ray’s his first name. The Jason part comes from this woman we’re also looking for.”

Then on March 24th Chet wrote: Funny thing – the whole Colonel Bob case, Ray Jason, Astrid Jason, all that, is suddenly clear in my mind. I was going to post about that today, get everything straight, but Bernie says there’s too much digital wackiness going on, and if Bernie says so, then that’s that. Anyway, we’re headed for Vegas, on a hunch, Bernie says. That’s a little worrisome – last time we went to Vegas on a hunch, well, never mind.

From B. Stover:

As far as I can determine, this is what we know, and all that we know:

1. Col. Bob met his son, Ray Jason, after Ray followed him in his car. This was in Bakersfield. Col. Bob gave Ray $300 from his ATM. We don’t know what either said to the other except that Ray hates Col. Bob.

2. Astrid is missing and according to Bernie, Ray is also missing.

3. For some reason (a “hunch”?) Bernie thought that he could get info on Astrid from Albie Rose in Vegas and he goes there and questions Albie. Albie wants to hire Bernie, who will have none of that. Albie was married to Tiffany who changed her name from Ethel which was an alias for Astrid. Foster first saw her at a show as Ethel the Ready. Albie is very jealous, asks why Foster knew Tiffany 3 was really Ethel. Albie was married eight times.

4. Foster, dressed in all black, comes to Bernie’s house. He wants to sell Bernie information about Astrid; he knows nothing about Ray. He does not want to work for Albie any longer and has a new gig in LA. He says that Astrid/Tiffany 3 liked Albie and that Albie was wrong about the other dude.

5. Bernie and Chet are meeting with Foster in an unfinished housing development somewhere, I think, in the desert near Vegas. The housing development for some reason has windowless houses. Foster trusts Bernie and I think Bernie feels sorry for Foster.

6. Bernie has not told Foster or Albie who his client is. He has given Foster $1.000 and we will apparently learn next what Foster knows, probably a very tenuous assumption.


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