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Saturday Morning Coffee


September 9th, 2017 Posted 8:26 am

Here’s a place where we had a great family vacation when the kids were little. This is sad to see. (Bitter end is the inboard end of the anchor chain.)

VIDEO: Irma rakes Bitter End Yacht Club


No Post Today


December 23rd, 2010 Posted 7:32 am

We seem to be on an island in a warm, sunny place. Did that happen last Christmas? There’s a tiny little airport. We have to go back and forth picking people up. I ride shotgun. Roosters? Out the yingyang, and they crow all night. As for real crows, haven’t seen any yet. Also, lots of horses. There’s one right on the road!

“Chet? You’re leaning a little too far out there, buddy.”


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