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Cap’n Crunch


March 29th, 2022 Posted 6:57 am

Parrots came up yesterday, bringing to mind Cap’n Crunch, who plays a supporting role in Dog On It:

“He said, ‘Madison rocks.’ She taught him. He can say other things, too.”

Whoa. Cynthia was claiming that he – this beady-eyed inmate – could talk? I didn’t buy it.

“His name’s Cap’n Crunch.”

Cap’n Crunch bobbed his head back and forth, an ugly, lizard-like motion, and made the horrible croaking noise again. It ended in a high-pitched squeak that hurt my ears. One glance at Bernie and I knew he wasn’t hearing that squeak. Bernie missed some things, true, but you had to admire him: he never let his handicaps get him down.

“What else can he say?”

Oh, Bernie, please.

Cynthia approached the cage. “Come on, baby.”

Squawk squawk.

“Hear that?”


“’Light my fire.’ He said, ‘Light my fire’ when I said ‘Come on baby.’”



Honky Tonk Parrot


March 28th, 2022 Posted 7:17 am

Cap’n Crunch, the parrot who says, “Make it a double,” plays a role in Dog On It, the first Chet and Bernie novel. That’s the remote connection to today’s post – with many thanks to my friend Bob.




What’s In A Name: Cap’n Crunch


July 15th, 2013 Posted 9:03 am

Ms. Publicist: Fifteenth of the month and time for What’s In A Name, where Spencer Quinn discusses the name of a character in the Chet and Bernie series. Who have we got today, Spence?

Spencer Quinn: How about Cap’n Crunch?

Ms. P.: The parrot who plays a fairly small role in Dog On It?

SQ: That’s him. Perhaps the only bird I’ve ever given a speaking role to.

Ms. P.: As I remember, Cap’n Crunch can say “Light my fire.”

SQ: Only if you first say “Come on, baby.” He can also say “Make it a double” – which gave me a nice little chapter ending. Chet doesn’t like birds and he especially doesn’t like the Cap’n, so there’s always tension with CC in the cage and Chet sidling over. The name itself is nautical, of course, which goes along nicely with parrots and carries piratical associations. Making Cap’n Crunch a sort of avian perp in Chet’s eyes.

Ms. P.: Ever thought of bringing the Cap’n back in another book?

SQ: Yesterday! But I went with a guinea pig instead.

Ms. P: Thanks, Spence. See you next month.

Welcome Abbie the kitty.


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