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In My Waters …


May 17th, 2022 Posted 8:18 am

… but I’ll have to swim out somewhat farther to see this dude.


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Heart of Barkness Tour: Outer Cape Cod!


July 16th, 2019 Posted 7:37 am

Today from 1PM to 3PM at Yellow Umbrella Books in lovely Chatham, on Cape Cod. Should be fun!

Meanwhile, here’s the latest Amazon review (5-star):

“I’m so glad they’re back! The chet and Bernie books are the best books, fiction or nonfiction, ever written about the love between a man and his dog. and no, these stories are not “about” the love between a man and his dog. They are mysteries, and well written too, with consistently well drawn characters and tense dark moments for man and dog.

The simpler and more fundamental the essence of something, the more difficult it is to recreate it, no matter the creative form. Spencer quinn exhibits true mastery in this series. Every page describes without “describing” the joy, confusion, more joy, and excitement as one earthling and his beloved sidekick go about their days taking care of the good guys and getting even with the bad guys. The chet and Bernie books are the quickest way to a smile when the skies have been grey a little too long.
Thank you Peter Abrahams/Spencer Quinn for this new book. Because no one can do it better.”


Weed, The Nation Within, Cape Cod


March 5th, 2019 Posted 8:06 am


Provincetown Book Festival


September 13th, 2018 Posted 9:28 am

We’ll be at the Provincetown Book Festival this Sunday, 4 to 5:30, talking crime fiction with our friend and fellow writer, the wonderful Hank Phillippi Ryan. Plus there’ll be Q&A, so try stumping me with a skill-testing question! Also: September on Cape Cod – the best time to be there.

The Provincetown Book Festival


The Books

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