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Me and Iggy


March 20th, 2009 Posted 7:08 am

Iggy’s jumping up and down in his window right now! I can see him. He’s also doing his yip-yip-yip thing. He wants out. Iggy’s my best pal. He lives next door with Mr. and Mrs. Parsons, this old couple. Bernie says they’re not in good shape. Iggy and I used to roam through the canyon together but then the electric fence salesman came and sold one to Mr. and Mrs. Parsons. Iggy never got used to it and now I never see him, except in the window. The electric fence guy tried to sell us one, too. Bernie took that collar in his hand and walked right through the zapper. Then he just turned to the electric fence guy and shook his head. Bernie’s the best, in case I haven’t made that clear. 

But I miss Iggy. Did you know he’s great at digging? Once he dug up this old Indian blanket. The teacher who came from the college to look at it said it would have been worth big money if it hadn’t gotten so chewed up. That might have happened from me and Iggy playing tug of war with it, can’t quite remember. Did we have fun or what?



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February 18th, 2009 Posted 8:27 am

Iggy. That was what I meant to post about yesterday. Right now I was lying in a patch of sunshine on the rug and it came to me. Iggy! Iggy’s my best pal. He lives next door, with an old couple called Mr. and Mrs. Parsons. This is on Mesquite Road, in case I didn’t get to that already. The great thing about our houses, mine and Iggy’s, is that they back onto the canyon. No houses in the canyon – “not yet,” Bernie says – it’s open country, steep and rough, the way I like it. All kinds of critters out there, including javelinas. Javelinas smell a bit like bacon, which you may not know, given the tiny size of the human nose. Chasing javelinas – did we have fun or what, me and Iggy? Now I chase them on my own, no Iggy. Why? That’s what this post was supposed to be about, but Bernie and I are out the door. Work comes first. That’s why the Little Detective Agency is what it is.


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