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Re-Introducing Colonel Bob (From Thereby Hangs A Tail)


February 20th, 2010 Posted 9:06 am

I’d never been in a plane, had no desire to, but pilots! They turned out to be great. At least these pilots were. They had a cool lounge beside the runway, with a grill out front. And what was cooking on the grill? Burgers, burgers by the ton! Not sure what by the ton meant, exactly, but anytime it had to do with food good things happened.

“A burger lover, aren’t you, Chet?” said the driver, who maybe was a pilot, too, possibly even the boss; everyone called her Major. And, yes, I was a burger lover, no denying it. “Room for one more?” she said.

What a question.

I had one more, plus part of another I split with the major. After that, someone found a rubber ball and we had a  game of fetch. One of the guys, Colonel Bob – who may in fact have been the top boss, hard to tell, what with the whole pilot world being brand new to me – was a pretty good thrower, his arm almost as strong as Bernie’s.

“Got a set of wheels on you, huh, Chet?” said Colonel Bob.

Wheels? What was he talking about? But I liked Colonel Bob, especially his big red face and short gray hair, cut flat on top. He gave me a nice pat. So did the major. And some of the others. After some more fetch, I got tired – not like me at all, getting tired in the middle of fetch – and lay down in a shady spot overlooking a strange black plane on the runway, scary just to look at. My eyes closed.

“He’d be fun to have around,” someone said.

“Who could afford to feed him?” said someone else.


Indie Next


December 4th, 2009 Posted 8:13 am

Bernie says he just found out that Thereby Hangs A Tail is an Indie Next Great Reads pick for January. This is something about independent book stores or something. “They’re important, Chet.” If Bernie says they’re important, then they are. Right now we’re pulling into Burger Heaven, which is right next to Donut Heaven. This is one of my favorite parts of town, if not my very favorite. Bernie’s in a great mood, humming to himself. He’s humming Lonesome 77203, actually a sad song, but I can tell he’s in a great mood anyway. Is it because of this Indie thing? I don’t know.

I’m smelling burgers, big time.


A Good Team

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August 24th, 2009 Posted 8:58 am

Another light knock on the front door. At the same time, I smelled the burgers cooking on the patio – maybe cooking a bit too much, but I’m not fussy about things like that. Leda – Bernie’s ex-wife – was a fussy eater. Wow! So interesting to watch her pushing food around her plate, hardly eating any. Later in the kitchen I always made sure none of that food went to waste. Once she saw me eating off her plate and threw it in the trash. A perfectly good plate, and I had it just about clean, so what was that about?

Something to think about later. Right now there was another soft knock at the door. Bernie glanced down at Freddie Dancer and Trimmer, cuffed on the floor. His face got the way it does when he’s having an important thought. Love that look, and it always mean things will work out.

“Suzie?” he said. “Mind popping into the dining room for a second?” We have this dining room – have I mentioned it already? – where no one ever goes. “You should be able to see our visitor form the little window over the sideboard.”

Suzie nodded and left the room. Freddie Dancer and Trimmer twisted their heads around to look. Bernie put his finger across his lips – that human signal meaning not a peep. He also put his foot lightly on on Freddie Dancer’s back. I liked the sight of that, and put one of my paws on Trimmer’s back. We were a good team, me and Bernie.




August 12th, 2009 Posted 8:37 am

Knocking at the door. We were out on the patio, me, Bernie, Suzie. They’d been talking about the Greed Case. I’d been watching Bernie. He had some burger patties on a plate, and was moving toward the grill.

“Should I get that?” Suzie said.

“Thanks,” said Bernie, dropping the first patty on the grill. I moved a little closer.

Suzie went into the house. Bernie got the rest of the burgers going. How many? Don’t ask me. All I knew was there was enough for everybody. I heard Suzie’s footsteps coming back. And what was that? Other footsteps, too, heavy ones. I turned toward the back door. Suzie came out, two men beside her, a bald one and a white-haired one. I recognized them from the box canyon. The bald one had a gun to Suzie’s head. The white-haired one – Freddie Dancer – had a gun, too. His was pointed at Bernie.


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