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Sneak Peek


March 18th, 2019 Posted 8:03 am

Queenie describes some pre-Christmas goings-on in RUFF VS. FLUFF (coming March 26 and now available for preorder – middle-grade but available to adults with fake ID):

“Arthur! No! Stop!”

That was Harmony. But too late. Anything the slightest bit unusual—like the sight of Elrod crawling out from under the tree—is enough to get Arthur going. It was all so, so predictable: Arthur’s sudden change of direction, ripping tufts of wool off Mom’s favorite rug with his clumsy claws; then his all-paws-off-the-ground-at-once sprint toward Elrod, the split log dangling out one side of his mouth; followed by a series of Arthur-type decisions, all customarily demented; and ending with the tree toppling down on Elrod, Harmony, Bro, and a pretty crystal flower vase, Mom’s favorite. But not on Arthur, who stood just outside the circle of destruction, his tail still wagging, although slower now, as though beginning to have doubts. I made a mental note concerning those tufts of rug wool, now readily available, then closed my eyes and settled into that nap, which was what I should have done from the start.


What’s In A Name?


December 15th, 2018 Posted 8:34 am

Mrs. Publicist: 15th of the month – when Peter Abrahams (aka Spencer Quinn) talks about a character name or two from one of his novels. Got anything from RUFF VS. FLUFF, which will be your next published book? Which, I should point out, is middle-grade although adults with fake ID can read it. Those in need of fake ID please meet me being the 7 Eleven after this is over.

Pete: Well, how about the eleven-year-old twins from the book, Harmony and Bro, since they’re the leading human characters in the story?

Mrs. P: The leading animal characters being the narrators, Queenie and Arthur.

Pete: Exactly.

Mrs. P: Two narrators and twin main characters – do I see a pattern?

Pete: There are certainly patterns in my work, some even intentional. Anyway, Harmony and Bro obviously aren’t identical twins, but fraternal. In fact, Harmony’s a year ahead in school, a source of endless frustration to Bro. Her name just popped into my head. It seemed absolutely right to me. Ideas coming out of nowhere – that’s always been the very best thing about this job. For the other twin, I knew I needed something contrasting. He’s the brother. Hmm. How about Bro? I liked it! And right away I knew that hidden in his bro-ness was something surprisingly sensitive. Also – Bro wouldn’t be his real name, just the name everyone calls him. Therefore he had to have a reason for avoiding his real name. The threads of story started their weaving.

Mrs. P: What’s Bro’s real name? Why doesn’t he like it?

Pete: The answers are in the book!

Mrs. P: Now available for preorder, which is my job to say. See you next month for more of What’s In A Name, and happy holidays!


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