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Murder, Continued


June 27th, 2009 Posted 7:50 am

Bernie read the card again. “The Greed Murder,” he said. We were down on the floor of the box canyon. Sunlight glittered on the high rocky walls and the sky overhead was clear blue. Very pretty, all that blue and gold, but Bernie says I can’t be trusted when it comes to colors. Plus we had an actual gold bar, although how that fit in I wasn’t sure. The Greed Case is kind of complicated, as you may have realized. 

“What do you think?” Bernie said. “That the film is about a murder that’s in the Greed movie? Or is it some other murder, possibly real?”

He lost me there. I yawned, a nice big yawn, felt peaceful and relaxed. 

“Then there’s another … ” Bernie began, but a voice from above interrupted. A man’s voice, harsh and nasty.

“We got you covered,” he said. “Hands up high.”


Back at the Ranch


June 22nd, 2009 Posted 10:46 am

Actually not a ranch, although I’ve been to ranches. Isn’t there a horse ranch in Thereby Hangs A Tail? I remember that white horse real well. Horses and I don’t hit it off, let’s leave it like that. Anyway, back at the ranch is something humans say, not sure why, but it’s at times like this.

So, not a ranch, but in fact this steep rocky hillside in the middle of nowhere. Another human expression. The truth is nowhere’s ever really felt like nowhere to me. Whoa! What was that about nowhere? I’m a little confused. Sometimes at a moment like this a good shake does the trick. Ah. Got my ears just about flapping that time.

We moved down the steep hillside, me and Bernie, down toward the wreckage of the old wooden biplane in the tiny box canyon. Something small and golden glittered in the sunshine. “All that glitters is not gold, Chet – just remember that.”

I forgot right away, in fact just as fast as those puzzling words came out of Bernie’s mouth.


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