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A Good Day


April 13th, 2009 Posted 6:54 am

All days are pretty good to my way of thinking, but Bernie says there’s lots of nice news today. First, he’s real happy about Captain Phillips and the Navy. Bernie fought in the Army – there’s stuff on that in Thereby Hangs A Tail – and he’s always interested in military news. This story’s all about pirates. They’re hijackers. We’ve taken down a few hijackers, me and Bernie, but never at sea. I swam in the ocean once, on our trip to San Diego. And was I on a surfboard? Yes! 

Second, President Obama is finally coming through with his promise. Welcome, Bo! He’s a Portuguese Water Dog. I knew one name of Parson. Talk about swimming! The only problem was that we were somehow in the pool at the Ritz, not sure how that happened. Not a good idea, for some reason, and when that concierge guy fell in things got worse in a hurry.

Tomorrow: Back to our story, although the details are getting a little …


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