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Housekeeping Bulletin


April 5th, 2012 Posted 9:13 am

“I hear you’re going to the blogpaws convention,” Admin says.

“Salt Lake City, June 21-23,” says Spence. “Really looking forward to it.”

“Anything else on the agenda?”

“Well, also around late June I believe, there’s going to be an e-only Chet and Bernie short story. This is in response to those who get a little impatient with the yearly interval between books.”

“Do we know what the short story will be about?” Admin says.

“Heh heh, as a certain pug might respond,” says Spence.

“Heh heh meaning it’s a secret, or heh heh you have no clue?”

Welcome Shelly, Iggy(!), Hershey.


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