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April 2nd, 2011 Posted 8:55 am

“Here’s a story from Japan,” Bernie says. “The Japanese coast guard rescued a dog out at sea, drifting on a rooftop – and three weeks now after the tsunami. No clues on the collar to point toward any identification. The coast guard rescuers gave him – or her, doesn’t say – biscuits and sausages. And water, too, I hope. Wonder what that poor dog drank the whole time.” He gives me a look. “Could you survive on sea water, big guy?”

Sea water? Wasn’t this about biscuits and sausages? I’ve been in sea water, that time we went to San Diego. We’d surfed, me and Bernie!

Welcome Sterling.

Quacky Baseball tour continues:




March 16th, 2009 Posted 7:47 am

Bernie started reading the paper with his coffee today and all of a sudden tossed it across the room. The paper. Bernie would never toss coffee. He’s got a great arm, by the way, pitched for Army a long time ago. Baseball’s coming soon – that’s a good feeling. There are lots of good feelings in life! 

Where was I? Oh, yeah. Bernie tossed away the paper and said, “AIG’s paying bonuses? Four hundred and fifty million in bonuses?” He sounded really angry. Don’t know what AIG is but I do know bonuses, because once after we’d gotten paid for bringing in some perp – Junior Mendez, in fact, maybe a story for another time – Bernie’d said, “You’ve earned a bonus,” and he’d given me a huge biscuit. So a bonus is a kind of treat you get for doing good work. Four hundred and fifty million – no idea what that is, but probably a big number. Four hundred and fifty million dog biscuits: those AIG dudes must  be doing great work. Good job, guys!


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