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April 10th, 2014 Posted 8:50 am

The thick-necked biker’s face was real red now and his nostrils had opened up a surprising amount, reminding me of a bull I came across once in a corral I’d regretted entering almost immediately.

– from Paw and Order (coming Aug. 5)

Welcome Sarah – and here she is:

I\'m Sarah, and I\'m nearly Chet-sized!



Super Bowl

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February 1st, 2009 Posted 2:33 pm

Before I get to Marley and Me – don’t worry, haven’t forgotten – I better mention we’re at a Super Bowl party, me and Bernie. Some bikers are here. I like bikers, even though we’ve had a dust-up or two with them in the past. I like dust-ups, too. One particular biker dust-up might be in Dog On It, not sure. Anyway, the Super Bowl is football. Bernie likes baseball much better. He pitched for Army, or maybe I mentioned that already. Me, I find baseball hard to understand. Football is easy: one big dust-up. I love when they play in the rain, love playing in the rain myself. As for the football – not my favorite ball. Have to get hold of it by one of the ends, and even then it’s pretty slippery. Basketballs are the worst, completely impossible unless you make a little hole in them first. Then they shrink down nicely. That was a great day, when I found that out! 

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