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June 9th, 2014 Posted 9:16 am

Lost in the Berkshires.


Super Bowl!


February 5th, 2012 Posted 7:42 am

“Got a prediction on the game?” says Spence.

“A tie,” Admin says.

“You’re saying the game ends in a tie?”

“Correct. Today’s game ends in a tie.”

“How is that possible?” Spence says.

“Tie score at the end of regulation time,” Admin says, “and then a massive power failure blacks out the whole midwest.”

“A massive power failure.”

“Caused by huge solar flares. The sun’s entering a new cycle, in case anyone’s interested. And here’s another prediction: we’re going to learn all sorts of new things about the sun in the next decade. I’m just throwing that prediction in for free.”

“I’m sure everyone’s very grateful,” Spence says. “Enjoy the game.”

“Got any of that Berkshire beer?” Admin says. “I like their Steel Rail ale.”

“You went to college out there, didn’t you?”

“Except then we called it the Beserkshires.”

“Other members of your family went to the same college, I believe?”

“One of my daughters, my dad, and I’ve got a nephew there now.”

“Do you think any of them used the term Beserkshires, or was it just you?”

Welcome Tucker and Maya.


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