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The Feminine Side


July 21st, 2019 Posted 8:50 am

Normally on Sunday we do beginnings. Instead, today – this little bit from Heart of Barkness, the brand-new (USA Today bestselling) Chet and Bernie (in the previous scene, Chet found himself wading in a fountain he’d only intended to drink from):

“Logically,” Bernie said as we drove away from the church, the shotgun seat possibly a little on the damp side, “we should be looking into Adele’s whereabouts on the night of the murder. But I’m just not feeling it, Chet. Is that the feminine side of me?”

What was this? Feminine side of Bernie? I’d never been so baffled. Feminine Bernie? Was it possible we’d been partners all this time and I’d missed something like that? I gave him a real good sniff and –

“Hey, Chet, knock it off!”

– and detected not a trace of feminine. He was one hundred percent male, practically as male as me. So what was going on?





July 7th, 2019 Posted 8:18 am

Sundays around here are for beginnings, so why not the beginning of Heart of Barkness, the brand new Chet and Bernie novel?

“Red-letter day, Chet,” said Sergeant Rick Torres, our buddy at the Valley PD Missing Persons Department. “In the car.”

Red-letter day was a mystery to me, and maybe red is, too. Bernie says I can’t be trusted when it comes to red, something I’ve never understood. I knew fire hydrants were red, for example, knew that as well as I know my own name. Which is Chet, in case you missed it, right up there off the jump. I also know “in the car,” and never need to be asked twice. Or even once. Rick opened the passenger-side door of the black-and-white. I hopped in, sat up nice and tall, totally alert, ready for anything. Was my tongue hanging out? Possibly. I got most of it stuffed back in. We have standards, me and Bernie, just one of the reasons that the Little Detective Agency is so successful, except for the finances part. It’s called the Little Detective Agency on account of Bernie’s last name being Little, but we’re equal partners, Bernie handling the gunplay and the so-therefores and me bringing other things to the table. Maybe we’ll get to my teeth a little later.


Not Beginnings


June 30th, 2019 Posted 7:46 am

On Sundays we usually do beginnings, but with Heart of Barkness coming on Tuesday – and we did the beginning 2 weeks ago – how about a random taste from inside the book?

The door opened and in stepped – oh, no. A robot. I knew robots from a visit I’d made to the science fair at Charlie’s school. “Let’s see if we can get Robie to scratch Chet between the ears,” some kid had said. And the next thing I knew I was back outside in the car.




June 23rd, 2019 Posted 8:24 am

On Sundays we do beginnings, taking a look at the first few lines of all the Peter Abrahams books including those written under the Spencer Quinn moniker – mostly so we can use that word! Moniker!

Today – The Sound and the Furry:

“One thing’s for sure,” the lawyer said, handing Bernie our check, “you earned every cent.”

Bernie tucked the check in – oh, no – the chest pocket of his Hawaiian shirt, just about his nicest Hawaiian shirt, with the hula dancers and the trombones, but that wasn’t the point. The point was we’d had chest pocket problems in the past, more than once. And possibly more than twice, but I wouldn’t know, since I don’t count past two. What I do know is that checks have a way of falling out of chest pockets.

“What’s he barking about?” the lawyer said.

Bernie glanced at me. “Just wants to get rolling,” he said. That wasn’t it at all: what I wanted was for Bernie to put that check in his front pants pocket where it would be safe. But then I realized that I did kind of want to get rolling. Wow! That was Bernie, knowing my own mind better than I did. And I knew his exactly the same way!


The Books

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