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In The Hearts Of His Countrymen


December 18th, 2009 Posted 9:02 am

“Were we discussing Lincoln’s dogs the other day?” Bernie says. Search me. All I remember is Nudie Cohn. Did he have dogs?

“So we should probably mention Washington, since he’s pretty much always number two on the list of great presidents.” Bernie sips his coffee. “I wonder who usually comes in last,” he says. I don’t know that one either.

“Anyway, Washington liked dogs a lot. He bred them for his fox hunts, so he had lots of hounds especially. Some were Truelove, Tippler and Sweet Lips. At the Battle of Germantown in October 1777, a little terrier got loose from the British side and wandered onto the battlefield. The dog was rescued by the Americans and from the collar they could see he belonged to General Howe. Some wanted to keep him as a way of annoying the enemy, but Washington called a truce and had the dog returned. He even wrote a note to General Howe – I think it’s in the Library of Congress.”

Huh? Missed that whole thing. I go to the door. Isn’t it time for a walk?


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