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The Ending of Scents and Sensibility


June 22nd, 2015 Posted 8:29 am

“Care you discuss the ending of SCENTS AND SENSIBILITY?” Admin says.

“Didn’t you ask me that already?” says Spence.

“And you said no. But that was then and now is now.”

“No now, then.”

“That leaves the future! Practically infinite, unless an asteroid strikes.”

“I think I hear one coming.”

SCENTS AND SENSIBILITY, to be published Bastille Day, 2015.


Bastille Day


May 16th, 2015 Posted 9:12 am

“Really looking forward to Bastille Day this year,” Admin says.

“I wish you’d stop saying that,” Spence says.

“Je ne le peux pas.”

(And happy birthday to Dad, 91 today.)




May 8th, 2015 Posted 9:26 am

“We were talking about metaphors,” Admin says. “Here’s a simile I found randomly in SCENTS AND SENSIBILITY:”

Blood went drip drip on the floor, making a sound like soft rain, just before the storm.

“Anything to say?” says Admin.

“Well,” says Spence, “metaphors can’t be just nice language. They have to serve the story.”

“Concretize the abstract. Abstractify the concrete,” says Admin. “That’s what I always say.”

“You and you alone.”

(SCENTS AND SENSIBILITY – coming on Bastille Day.)


Random Amazon Woof Review We Like


March 25th, 2015 Posted 8:28 am

Not exactly random, since WOOF is not yet eligible to be reviewed, except by Amazon Vine members. WOOF is not a Chet and Bernie novel, by the way. The next C&B – SCENTS AND SENSIBILITY – comes out on Bastille Day. WOOF pub date is April 28. Not sure if anything happened in French history on that date.


Five Stars – alli_g on March 24, 2015

Any book description that includes praise from Stephen King is tempting to me, so I couldn’t help but choose Woof for my 4th grader. He was skeptical at first, being a big fan of fantasy novels such as the Percy Jackson series, Eragon, Harry Potter, and things like that. It can be very difficult to convince him to branch out and try a new genre, but with a little convincing from me, he decided to give Woof a chance — and very quickly read the book from cover to cover.

Woof is the story of Bowser, a mutt who is adopted by a little girl named Birdie. The story is told from Bowser’s perspective, and even though Boswer may have some form of canine ADHD, he is funny and charming. Birdie is a spunky little girl and the story’s setting, with swamps and parishes and bait shops, is especially interesting to kids not familiar with this type of landscape. Bowser helps Birdie solve a mystery behind a theft at her grandma’s bait shop, and the adventure the two of them have provides a page turning tale with plenty of laughs. My son did a lot of reading in the car during some weekend errands and often stopped to read something out loud for the rest of us to enjoy.

Sometimes young boys can be hesitant to pick up a book where the main character is a girl. Or, a girl may look at a book about a boy’s adventure and feel inclined to pass it by. Woof has great appeal for both thanks to the team of Birdie and Bowser.



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