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Iditarod Banquet


March 19th, 2012 Posted 8:00 am

“This would be a fun banquet to go to,” Spence says.

“The dogs should have a banquet, too,” says Admin. “Here’s what Rebecca has to say about it:”

With two teams still on the trail, yet nearing Nome by the mile, the Finishers Banquet was held on Sunday afternoon.  Special awards were given for various reasons and then mushers were recognized for their place in the official standings.  Each musher gave a speech when they received their finisher’s patch, and in some cases prize money.  AJ’s speech was shorter than most and only a bit longer than a few.

Third place finisher Ramey Smyth thanked AJ for assisting him on the trail and helping him catch his team.  Ramey mentioned that he nominated AJ for the Sportsmanship award for his efforts on the trail.  Ramey could have spoken about himself, about his climb from 30th to 3rd place, about his accomplishments, yet he chose to thank AJ in front of peers, officials, volunteers and fans.

Our recovery from the race has begun, yet recovery is slow.  Our sleep schedule has not returned to normal and we both seem to have larger than normal appetites.  We will say good-bye to Nome midday on Monday and return home to Willow.


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