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Beginnings (5): ?


May 25th, 2012 Posted 8:38 am

“We’ve had four straight days of beginnings,” Admin says. “Do you know that expression – enough already?”

“But today I was going to give them a sneak – ” Spence begins.

“Forget it! And anyway, which beginning were you going to do – A Fistful of Collars or the e-story, A Cat Was Involved?”

“That’s what I wanted to discuss.”

“Another time,” Admin says, picking up his tennis racket and starting to look for the balls. The balls? Uh-oh.


Saturday Morning: Me And Bernie


June 12th, 2010 Posted 8:58 am

“Sure hope more scoring starts happening,” Bernie says. “One to one and zero to zero aren’t my idea of entertainment.” Were we talking about soccer? Not my favorite: the ball is just about impossible for me. The only way to manage it is to bite a hole or two in it first; after that it shrinks down to manageable size. But the taste doesn’t compare with a football, for example, and baseballs are still the most interesting, with all that stuff inside.

“Also,” Bernie says, “what do you think ‘xinay on the intay uturesfay’ means? I saw that in the down below part. What a minute! I think I’ve got it!”

What? What? All of a sudden I’m really excited!

Re Free Iggy: go to the Chet Appreciation Society on Facebook (see above), click on Discussions, and there it is.

Audrey at the beach:


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January 27th, 2010 Posted 8:05 am

Can’t beat fetch. We always play till Bernie says his arm is falling off, and then a little more. Here are my favorite balls, in order.

Lacrosse – bounces in a crazy way I like, and chewing on it – wow!

Tennis – especially fresh ones, right out of the can.

Baseball – lots going on inside these babies!

Golf – on the small side, but excellent for chewing.

Football – strange bounces, and you have to get hold of it at the end, but lots of fun.

Basketball – impossible till you bite through it. Then it softens up nicely to something manageable.

Are there any other balls I’m leaving out? Maybe, but we’re on a case, something about Colonel Bob’s son. First comes breakfast. Bernie says it’s the most important meal of the day, but the truth is they’re all very very important.





January 8th, 2010 Posted 9:28 am

Colonel Bob and Bernie had a long talk, something about Colonel Bob’s son, Ray. Is Ray in trouble? Are we on a case?

Here’s how Colonel Bob and I met in Thereby Hangs A Tail:

“A burger lover, aren’t you, Chet?” said the driver, who maybe was a pilot, too, possibly even the boss; everyone called her Major. And, yes, I was a burger lover, no denying it. “Room for one more?” she said.

What a question.

I had one more, plus part of another I split with the major. After that someone found a rubber ball and we had a  game of fetch. One of the guys, Colonel Bob – who may in fact have been the top boss, hard to tell, what with the whole pilot world being brand new to me – was a pretty good thrower, his arm almost as strong as Bernie’s.

“Got a set of wheels on you, huh, Chet?” said Colonel Bob.

Wheels? What was he talking about? But I liked Colonel Bob, especially his big red face and short gray hair, cut flat on top. He gave me a nice pat. So did the major. And some of the others. After some more fetch, I got tired – not like me at all, getting tired in the middle of fetch – and lay down in a shady spot overlooking a strange black plane on the runway, scary just to look at. My eyes closed.

“He’d be fun to have around,” someone said.

“Who could afford to feed him?” said someone else.

Note to RR: Is the paw the kind of doohickey you had in mind?


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