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July 1st, 2015 Posted 8:00 am

B. Stover was puzzled by a reference in yesterday’s post to a monkey scene in TO FETCH A THIEF. Yes, a puzzle for sure, seeing as there is no such scene. But a baboon plays a role:

I ran onto the loading dock. Still some light left and I could see Peanut clearly. She was on the ground, walking toward the perp’s old – what was the word? – jalopy. That was it. She walked over to the jalopy, lifted one of her huge round feet and stomped down, crushing the whole front end. Why? I had no idea, but I liked it, liked it a whole lot. Then Peanut raised her trunk high and blew a beautiful trumpeting sound up toward the darkening sky. I loved that trumpeting sound – as good as Roy Eldridge or better – and was hoping for more, when the baboon blew right by me with a whoosh of air, flew out into the night and disappeared from view, although not before I saw that he had the sombrero.

I jumped down onto the ground and went over to Peanut. This was the Peanut Case, meaning she was my responsibility. First I had to get her attention. That probably meant waiting until she’d finished crushing the jalopy’s back end. It didn’t take long.



Baboons In The Mix


March 16th, 2010 Posted 8:47 am

Suzie came over last night. Bernie opened some chardonnay. He’s not a big wine guy – prefers bourbon or beer – but Suzie likes it. “This is from South Africa,” he said. “Apparently the baboons over there love the chardonnay grapes, eat them by the ton.”

“So that’s a recommendation?” Suzie said.

They laughed. I didn’t get it. But I knew baboons all right, and not just from Animal Planet. There’s a baboon in To Fetch A Thief. Did he actually make off with a piece of the evidence? That was bad, but I’d been pretty busy at the time. It all came back to me.

“Hey,” said Suzie, “did you see Chet shiver just now?”

“He sometimes shivers in his sleep,” Bernie said.

Sleep? Did they think that just because my eyes were closed I was sleeping? That might be useful some day. I tried to think how exactly, came up with zip. Then my eyelids got heavy for real. Funny how life works.

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