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April Fools


April 1st, 2010 Posted 9:02 am

“Chet could do a post but say there’s no post,” Spence says.

“Or not do a post and say there is one,” says Admin.

“Or we could just leave a blank space,” says Spence.

“Or take down the whole thing,” says Admin.

“And sue the publisher,” says Spence.

“And invite Putin to take over the whole series,” says Admin.

“And change everything into cyrillic from now on,” says Spence.

“Who would win in an arm-wrestle between Putin and Obama?” says Admin.

“We could say they’ll be arm-wrestling live on the blog tomorrow,” says Spence.

“Hey, let’s say it,” says Admin. “Live, on chetthedog tomorrow: Obama arm-wrestles Putin. Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind event.”


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