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March 5th, 2009 Posted 8:55 am

Watched Chinatown last night for maybe the zillionth time. Don’t know zillionth, exactly – my habit being never to go past two, which is plenty – just know it must be a big number on account of how people say it. Chinatown is Bernie’s favorite movie by far, and easy to see why: it’s all about a detective and water. He gets fired up every time. “Mulholland! There it is right there – the first guy who figured out how to rape the water supply.” Mulholland – obviously some perp. We’ll take him down some day, me and Bernie. As for the story itself, I got completely lost. One thing, though – the detective, Jake, is not nearly as smart as Bernie. Did you see what happened to his nose? Hard to watch. If anyone ever tried to do something like that to Bernie … 

Plus I get the idea that the Chinatown case didn’t close the way we like to close them. Maybe Jake the detective should have had someone like me beside him.



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March 2nd, 2009 Posted 8:00 am

Bernie plays the ukulele. He has a real nice one that he loves. Once we had to pawn it at Mr. Singh’s, not a good day. I think that’s in Thereby Hangs A Tail, which comes after Dog On It, but Bernie says not to mention it on account of being so far in the future, so I won’t. When It’s Sleepy Time Down South is my favorite, but I also like Stardust and Up A Lazy River. We have rivers here in the Valley – and out in the desert, too – but they’re all dry. Bernie says that when Coronado came through here some of them flowed year-round. Bernie’s no fan of Coronado. Who is Coronado, exactly? Kind of a mystery, but that’s what we do, me and Bernie, solve mysteries. It’s pretty clear Coronado’s some kind of perp, meaning one day I’ll be grabbing him by the pantleg. Case closed.



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February 24th, 2009 Posted 8:59 am

It felt like rain for a while yesterday. Felt and smelled. The smell of rain about to fall: love it. But no rain came. It hardly ever rains here in the Valley, except when the monsoons come. When that happens I head right outside and race around at my craziest. Sometimes Bernie comes out, too. He doesn’t race around – running’s not the easiest thing for Bernie, on account of his wound – but just stands there, face turned up to the sky, getting soaked. His face looks so young then, and so much like Charlie’s. Charlie is Bernie’s kid, did I mention that? And the divorce? Leda, all that? Maybe I should go over that again. But I kind of wanted to go into Bernie’s worries about water, and something called the aquifer, and how I once tried to find it. All of a sudden I’m a little tired. Maybe time for a brief lie-down.


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February 17th, 2009 Posted 8:52 am

I’ve got lots of pals, but Iggy is my best buddy. He lives next door with these old people, Mr. and Mrs. Parsons. This is on Mesquite Road. Have I mentioned Mesquite Road? It’s in the Valley. The Valley goes on and on in all directions forever, with housing developments out the yingyang – which bothers Bernie a lot, on account of the aquifer. Bernie worries about the aquifer. I’m not sure what the aquifer is exactly. Have I ever seen it? Couldn’t tell you. Something to do with water, but there’s plenty of water in the Valley. Drive by any golf course – and we’ve got them out the yingyang, too – morning or evening, and you’ll see water spraying all over that beautiful green grass, and rainbows everywhere. Golf balls are pretty interesting, by the way. More than once, I’ve happened to be on a golf course when one came bouncing by, kind of snatchable, really, and – 

But this was supposed to be about Iggy.


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