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At Work, Me and Bernie


May 7th, 2009 Posted 8:07 am

We drove on past the golf course. “Martin Ramirez and Ezra Printz were both in the Stockton mental hospital at the same time,” Bernie said. “Ezra Printz handled PR on the Greed shoot. You found that film can in Death Valley.” Hey! I’d almost forgotten that. My tail started swishing back and forth on the seat. And then I remembered something from that Death Valley cave: a skull. Uh-oh. “What are you barking about, boy? You can’t be hungry.”

No, I hadn’t been barking about food, but now that he mentioned it …

“And in that film can do we find film? No – we find a painting by Martin Ramirez. But suppose there was film in the can at one time, maybe when Ezra Printz came the mental hospital in Stockton. See where we’re going with this?”


“The question is – ” Bernie began, and then suddenly stopped. He’d noticed the sprinklers spraying water all over the golf course. “What the hell? Don’t they realize there’s only one aquifer? Don’t they know it took millions of years for that aquifer to fill?”

I put my paw on his knee. The car swerved a bit. I took in the lovely scent of water.


Big #’s


March 12th, 2009 Posted 8:09 am

Prof came over for dinner last night. We ate out back, with the canyon going red and then dark. Prof’s our go-to guy when it comes to following the money. He has a big round belly and loves to eat. Bernie grilled burgers. They were great.

“Guess what the population of the world will be in 2050,” Prof said.

“No idea,” said Bernie.

“Nine billion.”

Bernie didn’t look happy to hear that. “When is enough enough?” he said.  He was quiet, staring into the dark canyon. “What’s the dog population of the planet?”

“No one knows, exactly,” Prof said. “Estimates are in the 400 million range.”

Did I have a clue what they were talking about? These were numbers, right? I stop at 2, which is plenty.

Bernie poured some bourbon. “One day there’ll be just one kind of animal left.”

“The two-legged kind?” said Prof. Hey! Were they talking about birds? Don’t like ’em.

“Yeah,” Bernie said.

“Don’t forget the insects,” Prof said. “Plus bacteria and viruses.”

“Something to look forward to,” Bernie said.

Looking forward to something – my kind of talk. I wagged my tail.




March 11th, 2009 Posted 7:53 am

Some question about what happened at the vet’s? I’ll try to remember. Meanwhile, Bernie says that finally there are some economists who believe in a steady state economy instead of growth. “At last,” he says. Do you understand any of this? Not me, but my guess is it has something to do with water and the aquifer. 

Meanwhile, we’re on a case – yes, divorce, which we hate, but right now we’re on a long drive with Elmore James coming through the speakers. The trumpet is my favorite instrument but right behind comes the slide guitar. The feeling that goes from deep in my ears and down my neck all the way to my tail – and then sometimes back up the other way, meeting the next feeling already zooming down! – hard to describe. Bernie sings along – The Sky Is Crying, Mean Mistreatin’ Mama, It Hurts Me, Too. Bernie has a real nice voice – have I mentioned that already? – but Elmore James has a voice a lot like the slide guitar, a voice that does things to me inside.




March 10th, 2009 Posted 11:11 am

Yesterday we went on a big expedition with a hydrologist named Doctor Lo. Hydrologist – a new one on me, still don’t know what it is. Lots of digging was involved. She had these little jars and scooped dirt from the bottom of all these dry washes, using little trowels. That’s not the way I dig, of course, even in front paws only mode and yesterday I had all four going full speed, dug some really deep holes. “Chet, for God’s sake, Dr. Lo’s trying to do some research here.” And I was helping, whatever research happened to be. At the end Dr. Lo said, “I’ll test all this in the lab, but it doesn’t look good for water anywhere near here.” What was that? I could smell water, very very near. I dug faster and faster, but we had to go home before I found it.

At the end, Bernie said, “Send me the bill.” Huh? We were paying for this? It wasn’t even a case? Oh, Bernie.


The Books

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