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No Post Today (Revised)


April 14th, 2011 Posted 8:18 am

Why not? Because the accountant is coming. The only accountant I know is Anya Vereen, but somehow I don’t think it’s going to be her, the reasons for that being in The Dog Who Knew Too Much. Bernie’s at his desk and papers are all over the place. Some flutter down on me. I gnaw on one or two. When Bernie gets uneasy it spreads to me pretty quick.

He looks down. “All that Civil War talk on the blog – did anyone mention we didn’t have income tax before the Civil War? And even then it was only 3% on income over $800. Now we’re on our way to what? Fifty percent? Sixty? Ninety-nine point nine?”

Can’t help him there. When it comes to numbers, I stop at two, which is plenty.

Welcome the great Wolfie Wigglebutt, Maddie, Moondoggie, beautiful golden, two ballplaying dudes, the first and only Kirby T. Penworthy.

And a very happy birthday to Melanie, and many many more.


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