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A Special Moment at Anderson’s


September 21st, 2012 Posted 9:39 am

Here’s Spence with Barb & Maggie and the wonderful family at Anderson’s in Naperville.

Welcome Bob the Cavalier, Gabriel – lover of fine literature.

Coming soon: photos of some beautiful blocks from down Houston way.


Last Night At Anderson’s


September 20th, 2012 Posted 9:55 am

“How was it?” Admin shouts into the phone.

“Why are you shouting?” says Spence on the other end.

“Because it’s a phone. Did anyone throw anything at you?”

“Not that found the target. It’s a great bookstore. And I got to meet Barb (Plunderer extraordinaire, pics to come) and some members of her wonderful family.”

“Did you hear about  A Fistful of Collars making the New York Times bestseller list – the one coming the Sunday after this one, with the way the Times does things? Hello? You still there? Spence? Spence?”

Welcome Buddy, Howie, Eddie from Seattle (nice meeting you, Eddie!); Jersie, Missy & Iggy (!).

Spence with a special person in Seattle:



Tonight: Anderson’s in Naperville: 7 PM


September 19th, 2012 Posted 11:22 am

“That’s all?” says Admin.

“Boarding,” says Spence. “But we met a special someone last night, Plunderer-wise. More to come af – “


The Books

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