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Amy Winehouse


October 22nd, 2011 Posted 9:27 am

“You’re an Amy Winehouse fan?” Spence says.

“Yup,” says Admin.

“I wouldn’t have guessed. Remember that Hummingbird place, down in St. Lucia? She used to go there.”

“A nice spot. Wouldn’t mind being there right now, cold drink in hand.”

“It’s 9:31 AM.”

“Good point,” says Admin. “Think Bernie likes Amy Winehouse?”

“Not sure,” Spence says. “We could ask him sometime. Right now, he and Chet are still working that case in Vista City.”

“The movie star thing?”

“It’s actually still not clear how that ties in. Which is right about where they are at the moment, I think. They got delayed at Burger Heaven.”

Welcome George, Cosmo.

Tomorrow at 6 PM: Spencer Quinn (or maybe Peter Abrahams) at the Courthouse Center for the Arts, West Kingston RI.


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