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An Amazon Review We Like …


April 14th, 2020 Posted 8:03 am

… because it makes a certain point that maybe some non-readers of C&B might be interested in seeing.

Avid Rdr on Heart of Barkness:
5.0 out of 5 stars – Mea Culpa – March 30, 2020

“Since crime series with canine characters have been popular for several years, I have read about 6 of them. Some are very well done, some are so-so. I intentionally skipped the Chet & Bernie series because the premise (the narration done by the dog…really?) just seemed too cutesy and silly. A few weeks ago, out of sheer desperation and because of the consistently high ratings, I bought the first book in the series. Well, I just finished Book 9! The narration is light hearted, but also wise. The investigations are complex enough to maintain interest without being tedious. I am so glad I gave this series a chance and look forward to reading more. Thank you Mr. Quinn.”



A Recent Amazon Review We Like


January 30th, 2020 Posted 7:47 am

Cynthia M. Larson on Heart of Barkness:

My daughter started me on the ‘Chet and Bernie’ Series several years ago and I have not missed one single book in this series…..LOVE IT! written well, sweet ,intriguing and when there is a dog in the mix—-a Can’t Miss Series.
Always suspenseful and just a fantastic series!!!
Thank You


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A Recent Amazon Review of Heart of Barkness


November 23rd, 2019 Posted 7:23 am

Posted because we love the reviewer’s name.

Adorabelle  Dearheart on Heart of Barkness, Nov.21, 2019:


(After the ending of the last book, I was worried. I love Chet and Bernie.)”

[Pictured below – the “last book” she was referring to.]




Yesterday …


October 21st, 2019 Posted 7:48 am

… an Amazon reviewer made an interesting observation re the Chet and Bernie series, while reviewing Heart of Barkness. See her last sentence.

This may be the best yet of all the Chet & Bernie stories. Chet is definitely the star of this book, with running commentary on everything that Bernie does to solve the mystery. Chet’s observations had me laughing out loud, many times.

As for Bernie, he has to do meticulous, dogged, old-fashioned detective work in order to unravel decades of secrets and lies. Bernie has his own unique perspective, and I especially enjoy how Bernie communicates volumes with only a well-chosen word or two. Chet is the chatty one of this dynamic duo.


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