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Politics and Us


January 13th, 2022 Posted 8:20 am

Has anyone else noticed a perhaps slight deterioration in the political tone in this century? Didn’t Lincoln say “If you wish to win a man over to your ideas, first make him your friend.”? It would be a shame if Lincoln gets forgotten. Tender Is The Bite is the Chet and Bernie novel where politics is center stage, although the tone of the book differs from our current political tone. For one thing, Chet makes an onstage appearance at a political rally. (A recent Amazon reviewer wrote: “This is one of the funniest stories that I have ever read.”)


Proust and Us


December 28th, 2021 Posted 7:52 am

A recent Amazon reviewer writes of It’s A Wonderful Woof:

“Maybe I’m nuts, but does Chet have a Marcel Proust moment in Chapter One? Not bad for a K-9 school washout.”

Is the reviewer right re Proust and Chet?


Chet and Shakespeare


December 3rd, 2021 Posted 7:34 am

“5.0 out of 5 stars. Chet is Chet and that is more than enough for 5 stars. I’ve read every book in the series and intend to keep reading them as long as Mr. Quinn is kind enough to keep writing them. I’ve told maybe 100 people about Chet’s line after Bernie was shot in a previous novel – – Bernie is really going to hate that cone. Chet’s insights into the human condition may not rival Shakespeare’s but they are pretty damn good.”

The above is a recent Amazon review of It’s A Wonderful Woof, the brand new Chet and Bernie Christmas/holiday novel. What would Shakespeare think of it? I hope it wouldn’t make him “cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war.”


An Amazon Review We Like …


November 13th, 2021 Posted 9:18 am

… of It’s A Wonderful Woof, from yesterday:

“When you think Spence is done amazing you…Read every word since Dog On It and Chet is truly my muse. With each book, you remind me again that there’s all kinds of beauty in life.”

(Thank you!)


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