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October 27th, 2009 Posted 9:09 am

We met the great granddaughter of Addie Kline at an outdoor cafe near downtown, actually in the college area. College kids are great! They’re always hanging out, having fun, playing Frisbee, and they have lots of time for me and my kind. The great granddaughter of Addie Kline was also named Addie, kind of confusing, Addie something or other. She looked young enough to be a college student herself.

“I read Suzie Sanchez’s story in the Tribune,” she said. “There was something about a mystery on the Greed set. My great grandmother’s twin Betty was a script girl on that shoot. She went for a hike and never came back.”

“A hike?” said Bernie.

And maybe he added more, but at that moment a Frisbee came gliding by, so tempting.


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