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What’s In A Name?


July 23rd, 2020 Posted 7:42 am

Whoa! Haven’t done this feature in some time, where we look at a character name in the Chet and Bernie series – or elsewhere in the writings of Peter Abrahams (who can’t write the character till he’s got the right name). How about we try Gudrun Burr, powerful lawyer – and much more, it turns out – at the white-shoe law firm Lobb and Edmonds in Of Mutts and Men. (Bernie even remarks at one point, “A white-shoe firm if there ever was one.” That’s me underlining the joke for readers who know the expression white-shoe law firm but don’t know that Lobb and Edmonds are two high-end shoe manufacturers.) But back to Gudrun Burr. Burr, of course, summons the memory of Aaron Burr, a powerful and very capable, but bent, character, who ended up on the wrong side of history. And it sounds just like a shiver – brrrr. Gudrun Himmler was Himmler’s long-lived and unrepentant daughter.

Any other characters you want me to bloviate about?


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