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February 25th, 2009 Posted 7:37 am

Last the night the professor came over. He’s great! Prof’s got a big round belly and sometimes when he gets going, like after a drink or two, you can’t understand him at all. He’s our expert when it comes to tracking down money that perps have squirreled away. Squirrels! Don’t get me started. I actually caught one once, maybe a story for another time. But the look on that little bugger’s face when he realized the jig was up – won’t be forgetting that anytime soon. Although the truth is it’s getting a bit hazy.

Where was I? Prof? Yeah, Prof, and something interesting that came up last night. Plus a funny little incident with A.1. sauce. But no time now. Bernie’s calling. We’re out the door.



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January 23rd, 2009 Posted 3:33 pm

This was supposed to be about Marley and Me but a day has passed, maybe two, or some number even beyond that where I don’t go, so the details are kind of hazy and instead this will be about kibble, since I just had a bowl. Very nice kibble, lamb-flavored, I believe – once I chased a herd of sheep, wow, what a day, and perhaps a story for another time – and I’m not complaining, but here in the nation within the nation, some of us (not me) tend to get kibble morning, noon and night.  The looks on those sheep’s faces! Where was I? Kibble? The point is would you want to eat the exact same thing over and over? No – and humans don’t. One of the great things about humans is all the different foods they’ve got, and so much! So why not share a bit with my guys?Personally, I like bacon the best, plus steak with A.1. sauce, but burgers are pretty good, too. Feel free to send me a burger at any time.


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