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C&B Short Stories


October 17th, 2016 Posted 8:23 am

It has come to the attention of high authority that some Chet and Bernie readers don’t know about the e-short stories! These are astounding times, as we all know, but still. Here’s one key point: you don’t need a Kindle.There are many many ways to get the stories – iTunes, for example. Can you read them on your watch? Probably!





August 19th, 2015 Posted 8:21 am

Coming November 24. It’s an e-short story (like A CAT WAS INVOLVED, THE IGGY CHRONICLES, and TAIL OF VENGEANCE. Meaning 99 cents!)



Chetspeak on Sunday


May 24th, 2015 Posted 10:03 am

And got a shock right away. A bright yellow car pulled in and parked a few rows in front of us. That wasn’t the shocking part. The shocking part was riding on the shelf in the space between the rear window and the back seat: a cat. This particular cat was plump and white, with golden eyes and a pinkish nose. Like all cats I’d ever dealt with, it took its time noticing me.

“Hey, Chet! Put a lid on it!”

I became aware that barking was going on – loud and piercing, a bit savage, even frightening if you were the type who could be frightened by barking, which I was not.

“Chet! Shut up!”

Was it possible that – ? I tried not barking. The barking stopped. At that moment the cat finally noticed me, noticed me in a very superior way I didn’t care for at all.

“Chet! I’m not telling you again. Lie down.”

I lay down. Not totally down, if totally down meant belly actually touching the seat, but lower, for sure; at least somewhat.

– from A CAT WAS INVOLVED (the C&B origin short story. You can read it on a phone! “Can you hold for a minute? I need to take this short story.”)


Chetspeak on Sunday


April 5th, 2015 Posted 7:57 am

“Chet – let’s get a move on, buddy.”

Chet? That was me, and getting a move on was my kind of thing. Plus here at K-9 School they were big fans of me coming when my name was called – pretty soon after, in fact, if you wanted a treat. Which I always did. But at this particular moment, I had just lifted my leg, and once started in on something like that, there’s really no stopping till it’s over, as you probably know. I’m not referring to the brief leg lift for marking purposes, over and done with in a flash. This was the other kind, much longer lasting, and often a peaceful break in the day, where the mind can wander in a pleasant sort of –


– from A CAT WAS INVOLVED, the first Chet and Bernie e-short story (99 cents!).


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