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Stephen King
“I have been a Chet and Bernie fan from the start, and this is the best one yet―suspenseful, laugh-out-loud funny in places, and surprisingly tender. Chet is a wonderful narrator―top dog, you could say―but he never descends to cuteness, and Bernie is as tough a PI as Spade or Marlowe, a man as quick with his .38 as he is with a Slim Jim for his sidekick. I’m already jonesing for the next one. ”

“A sterling tale of love between a man and his dog…amusing and introspective.”


“Quinn’s narrative, via Chet, is touching but also humorous. While readers will feel Lotty’s plight and worry about Bernie’s romantic situation, they will chuckle while immersing themselves in Chet’s wonderfully canine narrative. Mystery lovers devour the Chet and Bernie series. Dog lovers do, too. No fleas involved.”


“Light-hearted, humor-filled…the ending of this book is especially touching. Most readers will want to read it over (and maybe over yet again, to be sure they are understanding it). It’s beautifully written and very emotional.”

“One of the best dog-driven mystery series available, with sharp writing from the multitalented Abrahams, plenty of humorous asides (often from Chet on the all-important topic of food), and mystery plots that are genuinely intriguing. ”

Publishers Weekly
“Charmingly offbeat.”




Kirkus Reviews
“A doggone clever detective duo… always a hoot. This one salts a doggedly determined investigation with plenty of laughs.”

“Both smart and funny”


Publishers Weekly
“Dog lovers will enjoy Chet’s original, offbeat narration.”



New York Journal of Books
“Spencer Quinn’s masterful job of having a canine narrator isn’t cutesy, nor does it grow tiresome, a tribute to his wordsmithing.”

Book Reporter
“If you are a dog lover, you will instantly recognize your own pet in Chet’s wry commentary on the world as he sees it. Quinn’s masterly skills at suspense writing provide a heart-racing climax”



“Between Chet’s insightful and humorous takes on human events, the fast-paced plot, and the wealth of fascinating secondary characters, this is a fine entry in a not-to-be-missed series.”

Cesar's Way
“Amusing, intelligent and exciting… A fun romp through a genre that’s been around for decades but in the right hands (or paws) still has the power to entertain us.”


Publishers Weekly
“Once again, Quinn…effectively uses a dog narrator while avoiding the sentimentality that marks many animal-centered cozies”



Publishers Weekly (starred review)
“Outstanding… Quinn manages to sell the conceit of a literate canine narrator by dint of intelligent writing and on-the-mark pacing and tone.”

Kirkus Reviews
“Human cunning and canine smarts triumph once again.”


Publishers Weekly (starred review)
“Terrific. . . . Quinn radiates pure comedic genius via Chet’s doggy bright narrative. You don’t have to be a dog lover to enjoy this deliciously addictive series.”

LA Times Magazine
“If you like Sue Grafton and Janet Evanovich, hop on this train. . . . TO FETCH A THIEF is every bit as good as the first two.”

Kirkus Reviews
“Tender-hearted Chet and literal-minded Bernie are the coolest human/pooch duo this side of Wallace and Gromit.”
“To Fetch a Thief is the best Chet and Bernie mystery yet.”
“The most engaging dog in literature.”

Wilmington Star News
“Quinn has a gift for hardboiled and Kibbled dialogue, and his novels are a delicious mix of comedy,  of quirky character studies (in the manner of Elmore Leonard or Carl Hiaasen) and Sam Spade-style action. I can’t think of a better break from the headlines.”


“Quinn has a gift for hardboiled and Kibbled dialogue, and his novels are a delicious mix of comedy, of quirky character studies (in the manner of Elmore Leonard or Carl Hiaasen) and Sam Spade-style action. I can’t think of a better break from the headlines.”

Publishers Weekly
“Another refreshing spin. . . . Chet makes a clever narrator . . . and Quinn manages to keep things both humorous and suspenseful while delivering a proper, satisfying whodunit.”

Library Journal
“For all mystery lovers, even those with cats.”

Christian Science Monitor
“The most winning detective duo since Shaggy met Scooby. . . Quinn mixes suspense and humor as Chet tries to puzzle out humans’ odd ways.”

Lansing State Journal (MI)
“Funny. . . . There’s strong characterization and Chet’s narration rings true, offering a nifty whiff of entertainment for dog-loving mystery fans.”

“An irresistible canine narrator.”

Hudson Valley News
“A delicious new mystery series. . . . A fun and lighthearted book for lovers of mysteries and dogs.”

“Not since Timmy and Lassie has there been such a winning human/canine duo . . . ultracharming. . . . [Chet is] utterly irresistible. . . . The books in this series are the most fun you’ll have between the covers all season.”

The Mystery Reader
“Often mysteries featuring a salient animal are too cutesy or pat, but Thereby Hangs a Tail is a class above. . . . The mystery is well-plotted and interesting, with several twists and turns, offering a surprise at the end. A smart mystery with a likable pair of detectives and a clever plot make this a surefire favorite.”


Stephen King
“Spencer Quinn speaks two languages suspense and dog very fluently. Sometimes funny, sometimes touching, and in a few places terrifying, DOG ON IT has got more going for it than fifty of those cat-cozies. The best thing about the book is Chet, a canine Sam Spade full of joie de vivre. He’s a great character because he sums up what we all love in dogs: how they love life, and how they love us. My sincere advice to you is to rush to your nearest bookstore and put your paws on this enchanting one-of-a-kind novel. Except maybe it isn’t! I’m already howling for Bernie and Chet’s encore.”

Publishers Weekly (starred review)
“A winning debut…that fans of classic mysteries are sure to appreciate.”

Kirkus Reviews
“Stalwart, often mischevious narrator Chet’s amusing, perceptive canine take on [the novel’s] human characters should appeal to hard-boiled fans and canine fanciers alike.”

Booklist (starred review)
“[DOG ON IT] will delight dog-loving mystery readers, but the book is also an excellent PI tale, dogs aside…. A great sleuth and always upbeat, Chet may well be one of the most appealing new detectives on the block, but Bernie is a close runner-up. Excellent and fully fleshed primary and secondary characters, a consistently doggy view of the world, and a sprightly pace make this a not-to-be-missed debut. Essential for all mystery collections and for dog lovers everywhere.”

Library Journal (starred review)
“At last, a dog lover’s mystery that portrays dogs as they really are…. Quinn’s characters are endearing, and his narrative is intriguing, fast-moving, and well written. Even cat lovers will find it entertaining. [DOG ON IT] is highly recommended.”

Los Angeles Times
“Nothing short of masterful…. Sequels are a given, and a must.”

Christian Science Monitor
“[DOG ON IT] features the most winning narrator I’ve come across in a long time…[and] manages to ratchet up some real suspense.”

Boston Globe
“I’m not a dog fancier, but I had a great time reading this book…. Chet is a hoot or should I say a howl.”

The Denver Post
“Try to imagine the personality of Jim Rockford or Philip Marlowe somehow fused with one of Edgar Sawtelle’s dogs and you get a clear picture of Chet’s outlook…[Dog On It is] sweetly engaging…and wonderfully entertaining.”

USA Today
“Readers will love Chet’s ruminations on steak, bacon, chew toys and cats. Adorable describes this character-driven novel, which is also well-written and nicely paced. . . . Even cat lovers will howl with delight.”

Sacramento Book Review
“Grab your snacks, find a shady spot outside and curl up for a good time reading Dog On It.”

Richmond Times-Dispatch
“Paws up for Spencer Quinn. . . . With a brilliantly original concept, an engaging plot . . . and characters who’ll bowl you over, Quinn has fashioned one of the most creative mysteries you’ll find this year, or any other. Dog On It defies subgenre categorization, and that’s fine. What it doesn’t defy is likability.”

Lansing State Journal
“Dog lovers are likely to lick their chops over Dog On It, the first in an unusual, funny new series. . . . Highly entertaining. . . . Satisfying action abounds. Chet’s down-to-earth narration is superb in a hilarious book that offers great escapism.”

Deseret News
“Exudes dogged charm. . . . Chet’s unique voice and his relationship with Bernie keep us turning the pages. Chet, long on common sense and short on attention span, is an engaging protagonist. . . . Here’s hoping there are more adventures to come for the dauntless duo of detective and dog.”


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