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June 24th, 2020 Posted 8:53 am

Many good suggestions yesterday! Thank you. Word of mouth seems to be irreplaceable – maybe even as powerful as Amazon’s algorithms. I’m very grateful to all who mention Chet and Bernie to their friends.


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June 23rd, 2020 Posted 8:41 am

Here’s a crazy idea that came to me on my bike ride yesterday morning. If you out there was suddenly put in charge of publicity for Chet and Bernie, what would you do?


A Similarity With Humans?


June 22nd, 2020 Posted 8:16 am


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June 21st, 2020 Posted 7:45 am

On Sunday we do beginnings, taking a look at the start of a Peter Abrahams novel, including those written under the Spencer Quinn moniker. Today, how about a little taste of The Iggy Papers, the new short story that will come free with all preorders of Of Mutts and Men (the next Chet and Bernie, 7/7). Just upload your receipt at the link!

“Well lookie here,” said Nixon Panero, the best car repair dude in the whole Valley, reaching deep into the engine of the Porsche, not the old one that had gone off a cliff or the older one that got blown up, but the oldest – meaning our new one – with the cool martini glasses on the fenders, a beautiful touch added by Rui, Nixon’s paint guy who happened to be a real artist, trained by Andy Warhol, whoever he happened to be. Or possibly someone who’d met Andy in lock-up, if I had the story straight. Nixon was also our buddy, although he’d been a perp at one time, a perp we’d collared and sent up the river, collaring perps being what we do at the Little Detective Agency, me and Bernie. It’s called the Little Detective Agency because Bernie’s last name is Little. I myself get along very well without a last name. Call me Chet, pure and simple. The river, by the way, has no water in it.


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