Happy Presidents Day!


February 17th, 2020 Posted 8:09 am

We wrote about Lincoln and Fido (the family dog) on Lincoln’s birthday, so how about today we touch on Washington and the nation within? He was busy building this wonderful new human nation but he found time to do some dog breeding. GW bred his Virginia hounds with French hounds he got from the Marquis de Lafayette, creating the American foxhound. He led a rather full life.





February 16th, 2020 Posted 10:15 am

On Sundays we take a look at the beginning of a Peter Abrahams novel including those written under the Spencer Quinn moniker. How about the start of a book that isn’t even out yet, the next Chet and Bernie novel – Of Mutts And Men? (Coming July 7 but now available for preorder.)

A rooftop chase? Who’s got it better than me?


The Nation Within


February 15th, 2020 Posted 8:03 am

Yesterday reader Meredith Hamilton asked about “the nation within”. Here’s the very first reference to the concept, from Chapter 12 of Dog On It, first in the series (a series which can be read in any order! You could start with Of Mutts And Men, coming in July, or Heart Of Barkness, the latest):

The biker opened the door and we entered the building. We were in a small room with a counter, a woman behind it, and lots more smells, all from members of my nation. That was one of Bernie’s ideas – we were a nation inside of a nation.


Of Mutts and Men: Audio!


February 14th, 2020 Posted 10:24 am

Coming July 7 and now available for preorder. Jim Frangione, the gifted narrator, is doing a lovely job with C&B!

Of Mutts and Men


The Books

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