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April 19th, 2017 Posted 8:04 am

5.0 out of 5 stars – Spencer Quinn’s books are fun to read for dog lovers or anyone in fact – 3/7/2017.
Spencer Quinn’s fifth book in his mystery book series is called A Fistful Of Collars. In this book Bernie and Chet solve a mystery about the death of two people. Spencer Quinn’s books are fun to read for dog lovers or anyone in fact because the main character of the book is a dog named Chet and he is telling the story from his point of view. Spencer Quinn continues to leave you loving Chet with his fifth book with the humor of Chet and the great descriptive words to visualize in your head. And an ending that will make you want to read his other books in the series.

Speaks For Itself


April 18th, 2017 Posted 7:48 am

(hat tip – Sharon V)



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Happy Patriots’ Day, Everybody!


April 17th, 2017 Posted 7:33 am

“But most of our readers are saying, ‘Huh?'” says Spence.

“They don’t have Patriots’ Day?” says Admin.

“No – except for in Maine, where it’s Patriot’s Day. But the point is it’s in memory of the start of the Revolutionary War at the battles of Lexington Green and the Old North Bridge in Concord. That’s what Emerson was referencing here:

By the rude bridge that arched the flood,
Their flag to April’s breeze unfurled,
Here once the embattled farmers stood,
And fired the shot heard round the world.”

“Embattled farmers,” Admin says. “That’s good stuff.”

“And now we have embattled marathoners every Patriots’ Day, as well as a morning game at Fenway Park featuring embattled Red Sox. It’s a nice partial sort of holiday.”

“More holidays!”


Chetspeak on Sunday


April 16th, 2017 Posted 8:07 am

Iggy escaped? At last! Another breeze sprang up, much stronger than the one that was ruffling Mr. Parsons’s hair, and coming from the other direction, meaning behind me. Kind of strange, the inside of our house on Mesquite Road not usually being a windy place. I sat down to think about it and the wind died down just like that. A puzzling moment, but not important in the grand scheme, whatever that might mean. The important thing was Iggy, on the loose. Iggy’s my best pal: the fun we’ve shared! I can hardly remember. But all that was way back when, before the electric fence dude came around and made a sale to Mr. and Mrs. Parsons. Then came a mixed-up time where they couldn’t get it working right even though Bernie went over and straightened everything out more than once, and after that you never saw Iggy outside anymore, only spotted him at the window in their front hall, peering out. His constant high-pitched yip-yip-yip; his stubby sideways tail wag whenever he saw me, the fastest wag I knew, just a blur; and somehow Iggy could keep drooling at the same time! Did I miss him or what? So this was great news, unless I wasn’t getting something.

– from THE IGGY CHRONICLES, VOL. 1 (one of the 4 C&B e-shorts).


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