Y’all Come!



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13 Responses to “Y’all Come!”

  1. Herd of Hounds
    8:38 am on March 23rd, 2019

    Wowser Bowser, that sounds like a fun event. Wish we were closer to MA.
    Have a great weekend everyone.

  2. B.Stover
    9:15 am on March 23rd, 2019

    Wish I could attend. It would be great if it could be broadcast over the internet.

    Good morning all.

  3. Charlie
    1:42 pm on March 23rd, 2019

    B: If I can get the Beausmobile out of jock, I could drive us to see OFA. I don’t have a license, but I do have a rabies vaccination. I’m pretty sure the two are interchangeable.

  4. Charlie
    2:32 pm on March 23rd, 2019

    Jock! No! I meant hock! My ears got in the way of me typing. It happens.

  5. Riõ - The Evil Pug
    5:18 pm on March 23rd, 2019


  6. Wose-The Small and Meek
    5:31 pm on March 23rd, 2019


    I love sausages too! Wish I could be there!

    Charlie: :^)

  7. Wose-The Small and Meek
    5:41 pm on March 23rd, 2019
  8. Herd of Hounds
    6:09 pm on March 23rd, 2019

    Wose, thanks for sharing the article. It made us smile.

  9. Wose-The Small and Meek
    6:20 pm on March 23rd, 2019

    HOH: :^) I love puppies (and big dogs, too!).

  10. Riõ - The Evil Pug
    7:34 pm on March 23rd, 2019

    Rose!…What’s yer feelings on little grumpy dawgs?…snuffle!

  11. Wose-The Small and Meek
    7:42 pm on March 23rd, 2019

    RIO! If they love grumpy, middle-aged women, I love ’em back! :^)

  12. Riõ - The Evil Pug
    7:55 pm on March 23rd, 2019


  13. Wose-The Small and Meek
    7:56 pm on March 23rd, 2019

    RIO! Chuffle!

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