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What’s this? Bernie says some people don’t think the Obamas should get a Portuguese water dog on account of they’re too rambunctious. Rambunctious – that’s a new one on me. Maybe something to do with swimming. Portuguese water dogs are great swimmers. Is there water near the White House? I’ve never seen the White House, except on TV. I’m pretty sure it’s not here in the Valley because once on TV it was all covered with snow, and it never snows in the Valley. I’d sure like to see snow some time. What does it smell like? Anything like rain? – love the smell of rain on the way, one of my very favorites. And licking at the snow – that would be pretty good, too. Just as long as it doesn’t taste like roasted marshmallows. Those gooey insides are hard to deal with.

Another thing Bernie says is that he’s hoping the Obamas get their dog from a shelter. I’m for that! Once I was in a shelter and had a close call. Whew. Don’t even want to think about it, so I won’t.


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  1. ED
    11:58 pm on April 28th, 2009

    I think that competetive swimming is a great sport to get into. I used to do it heavily in my school days.

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