Now I know what flooding is! Water out the yingyang, even too much for Bernie. He says many thanks to Liz and those two firefighters with the boat. And of course most of all to Seth. Now we’re back in the desert. Bernie hasn’t mentioned the aquifer once.

Tomorrow: back to Greed, and maybe this strange discussion going on between Bernie, Spence, and Admin. Talk about multiple personalities, whatever that may be!


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4 Responses to “Whew!”

  1. Rebecca Rice
    8:19 am on September 22nd, 2009

    Good to know you guys aren't swimmin' with the fishes…

  2. Diane
    9:54 am on September 22nd, 2009

    Firefighters? There was a fire too?

  3. B. Stover
    11:21 am on September 22nd, 2009

    Whew! is right. This multiple personality discussion sounds interesting.

  4. Ivy
    4:08 pm on October 2nd, 2009

    Catching up on my reading. Diane, many times, firefighters are the first responders – – seems to me – – regardless of fire. So maybe there was no fire, but the firefighters come to the rescue with all sort of nifty equipment, including boats. Depends on where you live, I guess. My friend's son is a firefighter in NC, and his son responds to lots of calls that do not involve fire. Go figure. Confusing, eh…Chet?


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