Two close calls. First, a shoutout to Wally, a Rottweiler pup back east. Turns out Wally swallowed eight golf balls. Two is my limit for counting anything – two’s enough – and as for swallowing golf balls I’ve never swallowed any, although I’ve chewed on my share, including this one time at a tournament where an actual professional might have even gotten a little annoyed when … but perhaps a story for another time. Anyway, poor Wally had to go to the vet, but he’s fine now. Get off that golf ball diet, Wally!

And even further east, Bernie says, in England, wherever that may be, Dyno, a one-week old cocker spaniel who needed a wash, at least to his four-year-old pal Daniel Blair’s way of thinking, got flushed down the toilet. I’ve done some nice drinking from toilets in my time – when it’s fresh water in the bowl, there’s nothing fresher, and if it’s not fresh, that’s something I can tell from anywhere in the house – but getting flushed down? No way for a hundred-plus pounder like me. Dyno ended up getting rescued from a drainpipe outside the house. Stay well, little guy!



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2 Responses to “Whew!”

  1. Diane Brodson
    11:17 am on June 17th, 2009


    What a horror story….

    Hope that little 4 year old learned a lesson.


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