What’s In A Name?

Ms. Publicist: Fifteenth of the month, Spence, meaning it’s time to discuss the name of a character in the Chet and Bernie series. What’s it going to be this month?

Spencer Quinn: How about Iko, the –

Ms. P: Spoiler alert!

SQ: – gator in The Sound and the Furry? Most of the story takes place in bayou country, and when we think bayous don’t we think gators pretty much first thing? So I thought Chet should encounter a gator, and why not a legendary one? The legendary ones have names, so I needed a name. Everyone knows the rousing and joyous Mardi Gras song Iko Iko, so that was a perfect non-fit. Also, I’ve always understood the word Iko as a derivative, through Creole, of the French écoute, meaning listen. Iko! Iko! – Listen! Listen! There’s a very appropriate urgency in that, as I believe Chet discovers.

Ms. P: Thanks, Spence. See you next month!

Welcome Sammy Sweetpea, Fritz (riding shotgun).



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80 Responses to “What’s In A Name?”

  1. Herd of Hounds
    9:26 am on October 15th, 2013

    Gooood morning, everyone! What’s in a name? Apparently lots and lots. Hope everyone is feeling good, better, best or tip top. Hope we her from those we haven’t heard from in a bit.

    Have a Technicolor Tuesday!

  2. Dima
    9:42 am on October 15th, 2013

    Good morning! I am still listening to the Zydeco song Iko Iko countless times a day…an apparent non-fit.
    The Special doctor gave us some Special can food, and guess what. I ate it! I ate a whole can last night, and another whole can this morning. But nothing else tastes good to me. I still do not like my own can, or my kibble, or ground beef, or ground turkey, or even yogurt or Frosty Paws. So therefore…just keep giving me the Soecial can!
    As for Nana and Masquers and Bear, I remember them announcing a roadtrip, so I’m sure that is why they are not on this here blog.
    Did I ever tell youse how I got my name?

  3. BooBear
    9:42 am on October 15th, 2013

    Amen added from us for last night. Thank you Amalia, Leonard and Beau.

    I think I remember BSD and Masquers posting that they were going out of town again at the end of last week? Am I imagining that or does anyone else remember? Hopefully, they are just out of the loop that way.


  4. BooBear
    9:50 am on October 15th, 2013

    Me and Dima…great minds remember alike!

    How did you get your name, Dima?

  5. Herd of Hounds
    9:53 am on October 15th, 2013

    Do tell Dima.

  6. Rose
    10:19 am on October 15th, 2013


    Dima: I am soooo happy that you ate! You are special, so you should always get special food!

    I do believe that BSD, Nana, and Masquers did mention a road trip.

    Inquring minds want to know….how did Dima get to be Dima??

  7. B. Stover
    10:23 am on October 15th, 2013

    That is interesting especially the derivation. Here’s a link to an explanation on YouTube.

    Good morning all.


  8. Macy the min-pin
    11:33 am on October 15th, 2013

    This is what a TEXAS cold front looks like. Yea!! Cold!!

    Good morning every buddy.

  9. Siber-H
    11:34 am on October 15th, 2013

    Dima, You have made my mom very happy.
    We like your name. How did you get it?

    I am glad you guys are remembering that BSD, Masquers, and Nana went on a road trip because I don’t remember.

  10. Siber-H
    11:37 am on October 15th, 2013

    Macy, Is that a legendary Blue Norther?

  11. Dima
    12:05 pm on October 15th, 2013

    Bee, That youtube explanation is fascinating. Thanks for posting.

    My original home named me Damon, and that was the name they called me at the shelter all those years ago. Mom and Pop heard about me, but they knew they would never call me something that made them think of an evil being (think The Omen). Mom did not want to confuse me with a new name, so she searched for a similar-sounding Russian name. Dima is the Russian nickname for Dmitry, though Dmitry is not my name. I am DIMA, pure and simple. I think it is a very good name, and it just some how “fits”.

  12. Barb & Maggie
    12:12 pm on October 15th, 2013

    Macy’s Mom, Barb tried to respond to your email but it did not get delivered. She wanted her to know that she still is hoping for a meet and greet Sat. morning, Nov. 16th. Either breakfast or brunch will work, so whatever fits better for you and BooBear’s mom.

  13. Tupper and Gilly
    12:18 pm on October 15th, 2013

    We want to go for a meet and greet too, but our Mama is too cheap to fly us to Texas or Alaska.
    What’s a Corgi to do?

  14. Basil and Sage
    12:20 pm on October 15th, 2013

    WE can think of a way to get the Corgis to Alaska or Timbuktu or Zimbabwe. Anyone wanna contribute to the postage fund to ship Corgis?


  15. Rose
    12:23 pm on October 15th, 2013

    Dima, that is a good, strong name!!!!

  16. Rose
    12:24 pm on October 15th, 2013

    Macy, that is an amazing picture!

  17. Tupper and Gilly
    12:34 pm on October 15th, 2013

    Dima – not that it is related to your name, but once our Gramp adopted a dog that had been abandoned by her owner. The dog was a big, black, lovable, long-haired mutt. She had the sweetest disposition and yearned to be cuddled.
    The @#%!#$%^&% woman who had owned her named her “Demeter” and called her “Dimmy”.
    Gramp changed her name to Callie, and she came the first time he called her.
    His current Callie is named Callie Two Too.

  18. B. Stover
    12:35 pm on October 15th, 2013

    Dima: You are welcome (and I like your name).

  19. B. Stover
    12:41 pm on October 15th, 2013

    “Demeter” is, of course, the Greek goddess of corn, mother of Persephone by Hades…all involved in the Greeks’ explanation for the change of seasons.

  20. staff
    12:53 pm on October 15th, 2013

    Here is a picture of the Englemann’s Ivy that infests my garden fencing. I pull it out and it comes back better than ever and grows into the border area and under the brick walk and into the garden. Sigh.
    But it is beautiful in the fall.

  21. staff
    12:57 pm on October 15th, 2013

    Some of it has snuck into the woods. Probably from when Mr.Staff tried to uncover the fence a few years ago. North Dakota has very little fall color so I appreciate it out there.

    This is still from around the garden.

  22. dawson
    1:30 pm on October 15th, 2013

    Spence: Iko is the perfect name for that…thing.

    Dima: Good dog! I think your name is perfect too.

    Dima & BooBear: What SiberH said about you remembering the road trip…

    BStover: Interesting link.

    MacyMinPin: Texas has big scary looking cold fronts.

  23. dawson
    1:34 pm on October 15th, 2013

    Spence: Iko is the perfect name for that…thing.

    Dima: Good dog! I think your name is perfect too.

    Dima & BooBear: What SiberH said about you remembering the road trip…

    BStover: Interesting link.

    MacyMinPin: Texas has big scary looking cold fronts.

    Staff: We don’t get much of that red color up here either. This ivy was growing all over one wall of the hospital and I’ve always meant to transplant some to my yard. This fall I see someone has ripped it all down, not that it matters because already new shoots are wending their way upwards.

  24. dawson
    1:35 pm on October 15th, 2013


    How did that happen?

  25. Siber-H
    1:37 pm on October 15th, 2013

    We have that ivy or a close relative of that ivy here. It is beautiful in the fall but after years of just pulling it out of our Ponderosa Pine tree mom dug it up this summer. It was a big job, but it is gone for good now. The root system it has is beyond belief.

  26. O'Howlers
    1:46 pm on October 15th, 2013

    We have ivy climbing all over our old dilapidated smokehouse stone wall. It turns that color in fall, and looks nice. We’ve always been afraid it is poison. Isn’t it?

  27. dawson
    1:49 pm on October 15th, 2013

    It’s a day for a Senior’s movie. “The Butler” is showing this afternoon.

  28. Dima
    1:50 pm on October 15th, 2013

    Mom just texted me. She said “Dima, you better start eating your regular food because there is no way Ii can afford to keep feeding you that Special canned food.”
    That hurts.

  29. Macy the min-pin
    1:50 pm on October 15th, 2013

    Yep, we have that ivy too.

    Mr. Husky, I am hoping it is a blue norther. It has not quite reached us yet, but any minute…

    Barb, when did your e-mail bounce. I am hoping it was last week. If it is now, we are going to be very unhappy with Yahoo.

    Brunch or lunch works for us. Boo-bear? What say you? Mom has a wedding that evening too.

  30. Macy the min-pin
    1:51 pm on October 15th, 2013

    Dima, I can send you my puggy bank if it will help you get the food you need.

  31. Siber-H
    2:15 pm on October 15th, 2013

    Dima, I’m with Macy. I will donate also.

  32. Dima
    2:38 pm on October 15th, 2013

    Macy and Siber, Thanks for the offer, but you know Mom and I would never accept your money. She will just have to face the fact that her credit cards will all be maxed out. The tough thing is that she already committed to Alaska, and she can’t support Snowhook the way she would have liked.

  33. BooBear
    2:39 pm on October 15th, 2013

    Macy and Barb, Mom is available for either. She is going to her sister’s by Dallas on Friday so can meet at any time on Saturday. Whatever time is best for y’all will work. Her sister (also a Chet fan, but not a blogger) will be coming as well. Barb, she’s a cancer survivor and a numbers person as well.

  34. Melanie; a bit peeved
    2:45 pm on October 15th, 2013

    DIMA, pure and simple . .
    Eat, be happy, and fill your tummy.

    I am relaxing wirh a cup of coco.

    My PET Scan is Thursday at 3:30pm. I had to find the last Scan and bring it with me. I thought it was a a nearby hospital. Wrong. It was in Boston. Tried to get them to send it. It would be 20 days before they sent it.

    Called the place I’m getting the Scan done, and explained the situation. The very very very nice lady is handling it. The previous Scan will be there by Thursday at 4 pm.

    Jeeze Louise I hate working with red tape.

  35. Basil and Sage
    3:05 pm on October 15th, 2013

    Excuse us, but since most if this type of beuracratic is BS invented, used and implemented by the reigning government, we prefer to call it WHITE tape.

  36. Barb & Maggie
    3:18 pm on October 15th, 2013

    Macy, Sorry to tell you that our email didn’t go thru this morning. It was sent by you the other day mentioning that you were having email problems. We just hit return and responded to that email. Maybe that was your old one and you now have been using a new one?

    BooBear’s Mom, Looking forward to meeting you and your sister. They can compare battle wounds and math problems! Haha, just kidding.

  37. Rose
    3:56 pm on October 15th, 2013

    Dima: Perhaps your mom wouldn’t object if that food were sent to you as an early holiday gift? :^)

    I love giving gifts!

  38. Macy the min-pin
    4:33 pm on October 15th, 2013

    Ok, so the e-mail is not working TODAY?? *head thunking on tabletop*

    Oh, boy,oh boy, oh boy we are getting excited about November 16, even if not all of us are going to be there. Mom assures me that Maggie is not coming, so I will not be coming either.

  39. Tupper's Mama
    5:31 pm on October 15th, 2013

    Ok – need to interrupt here for a minute to vent. Some of you may wish to cover your ears…


    Ok, I’m done now. We return you to your regularly scheduled blog, while I get some hot dogs out of the freezer.

  40. Macy the min-pin
    5:43 pm on October 15th, 2013
  41. Macy the min-pin
    5:44 pm on October 15th, 2013
  42. Barb & Maggie
    6:18 pm on October 15th, 2013

    Macy’s Mom, Can you send Barb test email and she will try to return it to you.

    Melanie, Barb will be traveling Thursday and returning home on Saturday. We will be thinking about you, but probably will not blog access till she gets back.

  43. Herd of Hounds
    6:32 pm on October 15th, 2013

    T&G’s Mama: We know the feeling of having “planned overs” disappear. I used to sigh, roll my eyes then defrost a turkey smoked sausage and a can of kidney beans. Didn’t work, the Old Fart actually likes that! Mmm, maybe a pb&j sandwich next time.

  44. Melanie: chuckling
    6:33 pm on October 15th, 2013

    Macy, it is a good thing that The Herbs have not seen that video!

    Thanks Barb and MagPie! I am holding all us sick folks in my heart right now.

  45. Melanie; musing
    6:42 pm on October 15th, 2013

    Sitting in my easy chair
    Hearing pad upon my back
    I hear the time ring on the drier
    Not doing a thing about it
    Watching Midsumer Murder
    Where life gets all solved in under two hours!

  46. Basil and Sage
    6:43 pm on October 15th, 2013

    Melanie – what makes you think we didn’t choreograph that video?


  47. T.C.
    7:11 pm on October 15th, 2013

    I can’t watch the video on my iPaw, and Mommy is too tired (lazy) to go upstairs with me to the big computer. I will remind her tomorrow when she and I are working from home in the office. Did youse know that I have my own cube next to Mommy’s?

  48. Dima
    7:13 pm on October 15th, 2013

    Rose, The Very Special Doc does not want me to stay on the Very Special food. Tonight, I ate a 1/4 scoop of kibble mixed with one of those cans!!!!

  49. bluecat
    7:14 pm on October 15th, 2013

    Macy – too funny. To the victor go the beds.

    Tupper’s Mama – did you consider Gramp wanted hot dogs for dinner and came up with a creative way to get them?

    Melanie – may what you hold in your heart be returned to you hundred-fold and may you feel peace Thursday.

  50. Riö - The Evil Pug
    7:18 pm on October 15th, 2013

    Home!….Someone is home finally!….yeeep!yeeep!…Much yeeping and twirling going on…snort!…Beau always has to eat the little milk bone that he saves all day long for when my friend gets home…grunt!…One day I will get it from him by golly!…snort!

  51. Princess Sam
    7:25 pm on October 15th, 2013

    Aww, Rio, that is so sweet that Beau saves his little Milk Bone for when your friend comes home.

  52. O'Howlers
    7:31 pm on October 15th, 2013

    We are having trouble posting. We were trying to post “Rio, That is so cute that Beau does not eat his cookie until your friend gets home.” But now we see Sammie beat us to it.

  53. Riö - The Evil Pug
    7:34 pm on October 15th, 2013

    Sweet!…That is exactly why I will be making my move to nab that milk bone next time…grunt!…He just likes to torment me all day with it and then eats the evidence when someone comes home. Then she thinks he saved it all day to eat in front of her. And she thinks he is sweet…grumble!

  54. Basil and Sage
    7:34 pm on October 15th, 2013

    Awww – such a sweet little doggie

    Yurk yurk splort

  55. Riö - The Evil Pug
    8:27 pm on October 15th, 2013

    Walk!…cough!spit!…Something out there really gets our allergies going…sneeze!

    Season!…Hey! The new season of “Biggest Loser” is on tonight….Wooooo!….We love that show…snorkel!

  56. SnowBella
    8:58 pm on October 15th, 2013

    Favorite tan pug: Please check your SDD.

  57. Riö - The Evil Pug
    9:04 pm on October 15th, 2013

    Rebecca!…I cannot check my SDD right now because I am watching the very beginning of the Biggest Loser…sniff!…I never miss the beginning or the end…grunt!

  58. Riö - The Evil Pug
    9:15 pm on October 15th, 2013

    Rebecca!…I am not happy at all after reading that SDD…sniff!…All I can do is shake my head and droop my tail…grump!

  59. Franklin
    9:34 pm on October 15th, 2013

    Riö, where does Beau keep that milkbone? I can eat up all the evidence.

  60. Tenzing
    9:36 pm on October 15th, 2013

    Golinka: We think Gramps is a genious. What could be hot dogs for dinner?—you tell me.

    Rio: Don’t let that tail droop a second longer. All is well.

  61. Riö - The Evil Pug
    9:39 pm on October 15th, 2013

    Milk Bone!….Hmmmphf! He carries it around with him all day long…sniff!… I gobble mine down immediately, which is the correct way. But he keeps his little Milk Bone close to him all day long…grunt!…He even has a hiding place I have not found yet…wheeze!

  62. Riö - The Evil Pug
    9:40 pm on October 15th, 2013

    Weigh-In!….First weigh-in of the season on the Biggest Loser…snort!snort!

  63. Wookie's and Teddy's Dad
    10:01 pm on October 15th, 2013

    Greetings from Vermont. A bit hard to post from here, so belated birthday good wishes to all celebrants and hoping all those under the quilt are feeling tip-top very, very soon.
    As regards the new Hillerman book (Spider Woman’s Daughter), it only took visits to five different bookstores in four different towns before I finally found a copy today. I have started it and can report that so far it is very good. It is true to the Hillerman spirit (and characters of course) but does not read (hope that’s okay with Prof B) like a Hillerman story exactly. I actually think that is okay and rather than trying to mimic her Father’s style, his daughter (Anne) clearly has her own writing style which is just fine.
    Also saw Archor Mayor speak at a bookstore in Woodstock las Saturday. He is the author of the Joe Gunther series set in Vermont, and he was also on the same panel as OFA in Concord, MA, when we went up there in November 2011. He is quite a colorful character in real life and his remarks (mostly just responses to questions) were quite entertaining.
    Teddy and Debbie said to say hi too.

  64. Riö - The Evil Pug
    10:14 pm on October 15th, 2013

    Cheers!….To Teddy and his great family!…snort!….My friend would love to have an extended vacation in Vermont in the Fall…wheeze!…How perfect can it get?

  65. dawson
    10:23 pm on October 15th, 2013

    WTF (Wookie&Teddy’sFamily): Great review, as usual. Your reviews are the best and this one makes me want to read the book even more than before.
    “The Butler” was depressing. The popcorn and pop were good.

  66. Tenzing
    10:32 pm on October 15th, 2013

    Dawson: You had me at popcorn.

  67. Riö - The Evil Pug
    10:36 pm on October 15th, 2013

    Mr. Tenzing!….What are you doing out here? Get back to work! You have a lot of sickly guys to feed and take care of under that germ-ridden quilt…grunt!

  68. Franklin
    10:45 pm on October 15th, 2013

    Tenzing, I have lost count of the friends under this quilt. It’s amazing how it grows when needed.

    MollyPop’s Mom, was today the day you went to spec . . list?

    Great review W&T’s Dad.

    Time for me to stop dozing off and actually go to sleep.


  69. Melanie
    10:47 pm on October 15th, 2013

    Wait! What was Franklin doing on line?

    What ever he said, don’t believe him. He still is in the doghouse!

  70. Riö - The Evil Pug
    10:47 pm on October 15th, 2013

    Franklin!….Good night!…snort!

    Elementary!…We are watching the latest Elementary and recognize one of the visiting actors as the guy who poses as a doctor on commercials….grunt!

  71. Riö - The Evil Pug
    10:57 pm on October 15th, 2013

    Franklin!…Before you hit the hay or whatever you sleep on, please blab about what Clarkson is working on…sniff!…Melanie never tells us anymore what shows he is going to appear in…grunt!…Maybe he is making a movie, please confirm this or any other Intel Data you have Agent Franklin….snuff!

  72. Riö - The Evil Pug
    11:08 pm on October 15th, 2013

    Sherlock!…I like how Sherlock always button his shirts up to the top button….heh!heh!…No one else I know does that…snort!

  73. Tenzing
    11:09 pm on October 15th, 2013

    Rio: I was on a kawfee break. Once everyone under the Quilt is asleep, I’m going to replace it with the Giant’s new parka so I can wash the quilt. His coat is no Quilt, but it is big enough and warm enough to do in a pinch.

  74. Riö - The Evil Pug
    11:13 pm on October 15th, 2013

    Bed!…I’m glad that Pug finally got his bed back from that ole sneaky Kat…grunt!…Kats who steal beds are the worst!…sniff!

  75. Riö - The Evil Pug
    11:15 pm on October 15th, 2013

    Wash!…The quilt!? Is that even possible? What about all those little baseballs hanging off of it?…sniff!…What will happen to them. My friend bought those specially for Staff to sew onto the Quilt…gruffle!

  76. Tenzing
    11:26 pm on October 15th, 2013

    Rio: No need to worry about the Quilt. I’ve received intel from the other side of the bridge that Wookie will be supervising all the way through the spin cycle.

  77. staff
    11:33 pm on October 15th, 2013

    Tenzing if you wash the quilt you might ruin the special secret cameras that are woven into the fabric of the quilt. Be very careful.

    Alice and Abbie loved the video of the nice large cat beds. Snicker.

    Tupper’s Mom. When I read about Gramps it made me thankful that my handful of a parent is blind. Heh heh heh. He can’t find the food unless it is put right in front of him. There are pro’s and con’s in everything…

  78. Riö - The Evil Pug
    11:34 pm on October 15th, 2013

    Mr. Tenzing!…sniff!….The first time I read your last post I thought you said, “Wookie will be supervising all the way through the spirit cycle.”…snort!…I thought that was pretty clever until I re-read it and found out you said “spin cycle”…grunt!

  79. Riö - The Evil Pug
    11:35 pm on October 15th, 2013

    Alice!…I thought she was in that video. That one Kat on its back doing yoga looked a lot like her….grump!

  80. Franklin
    12:23 am on October 16th, 2013


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