We Have A Title!

“The contest is out?” Admin says.

“Yup,” says Spence.

“Business is business.”

“And the business of America is business.”

They’re sipping coffee, looking kind of worn out. They had a bet on the Series. Admin won. When he was a little kid he had a full Giants uniform, wore it on Halloween. But let’s not mention Halloween.

“We do have a title for book 4,” Spence says.

“Let’s hear it,” says Admin.

Spence clears his throat. “The Dog Who Knew Too Much.”

Admin smiles.

Huh? How could you know too much? Once Bernie said that Descartes was the last man who knew everything. Was he talking about Chuckie Descartes, a three-card-monte swindler we’d taken down not too long ago? Chuckie hadn’t known how to stay out of an orange jumpsuit. Some things don’t make sense. I never let that bother me.


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90 Responses to “We Have A Title!”

  1. Mollypop
    4:42 am on November 2nd, 2010

    Testing …

  2. Mollypop
    4:43 am on November 2nd, 2010

    Oh no! Still got the Blog Bug. Get the Raid!

  3. B.Stover
    4:46 am on November 2nd, 2010

    Sorry but I don't think I like it. It sounds threatening…unless I'm missing something. I'm not good at titles.

  4. B.Stover
    4:48 am on November 2nd, 2010

    And the blog bug is still here. Wonder what causes it.

  5. Riö - The Evil
    4:50 am on November 2nd, 2010

    Huh?… No contest? They already have a title? How did this happen?…snort!… I thought I was going to get a free lunch out of this thing…grunt!

    Title!…A take off on Alfred Hitchcock’s great movie …Wow!….I like it! It fits Chet. He always knows more than he knows he just doesn’t know he knows… heh!

    Uh oh!….There she goes again…snuff!… She’s been up all night long – Sick as a Sawg…groan!…At least I have company today….uh-huh.

  6. Riö - The Evil
    4:53 am on November 2nd, 2010

    Gawg!…this blog is still sick too!…groan!

  7. Melanie
    4:55 am on November 2nd, 2010

    I was thinking of

    The Postman Always Treats Twice.

    The Red-Dog League

    Dry Dog River

    The D.O.G. Murders

    and last

    Seriously Sirius

  8. B.Stover
    4:59 am on November 2nd, 2010

    How about "A Four Paw Problem"? It's the fourth book and this echoes Sherlock Holmes in "The Red-Headed League": "It is quite a three pipe problem."

  9. B.Stover
    5:03 am on November 2nd, 2010

    Rio: What was the title and storyline of the Hitchcock movie?

    ……….I don't like it I don't like it I don't like it……..

    I'm sorry your friend isn't feeling well.

  10. Riö - The Evil
    5:05 am on November 2nd, 2010

    Duh!… I still like “Pug In A Pickle”,,,,snort!

  11. Barb & Maggie
    5:08 am on November 2nd, 2010

    Melanie and Bee, both good ideas. I hope everyone posts their ideas. Here are ours:

    Paws To Remember

    A Bark In Time

    A New Leash On Life

    For Whom the Dog Barks

    For Whom The Tail Wags

    Things That Go Bark In The Night

    Stop, Drop And Roll Over

    Hot Diggity Dog

    Mutt's A Matter?

    and Barb's favorite – Canine And Able

  12. Riö - The Evil
    5:09 am on November 2nd, 2010

    Groan!…. Stover, you cannot sit there and tell me you have never seen The Man Who Knew Too Much.….grunt!… It’s a Classic Alfred Hitchcock mystery with Jimmy Stewart and Doris Day. It’s one of our favorite movies of all time!…sniff!…You need to jump on Netflix and order it right now…wheeze!

  13. Riö - The Evil
    5:13 am on November 2nd, 2010

    Oh! Oh!…”Mutt’s The Matter?” and “Stop, Drop and Rollover”….snort!heh!snort!…Those are funny!…heh!

  14. B.Stover
    5:14 am on November 2nd, 2010

    B&M: I had to stop and think about your last–and favorite–one. I immediately said, "But who's Able?" Then I got it and started laughing.

    How about I Bark Therefore I Am.

    Sorry. Descartes always overwhelms me.

    We have to convince Spence and Admin to change their minds.

  15. B.Stover
    5:17 am on November 2nd, 2010

    Rio: I've never seen the movie. I'll look it up first.

  16. bluecat
    5:23 am on November 2nd, 2010

    Bee – I guess we need to trust PSQA and his advisers. You'll like the movie. I like #4 title. The dog could be Iggy, not Chet.

    For Whom the Bone Cruncheth

    To Pee Or Not To Pee (I know, I know – not politically correct.)

  17. Barb & Maggie
    5:24 am on November 2nd, 2010

    Bee, We like that one, too.

  18. Wookie of Chevy Chas
    5:27 am on November 2nd, 2010

    I think it is a really great title, unfortunately it is the really great title that my mom was going to suggest if we had the contest. She is a really big Hitchcock fan and thought it would be a great tribute to him. In addition to that, I had a few titles of my own as well, including Have Dog, Will Travel; Cry Woof (homage to PA); and, if a train were involved in the plot, Waggin' Train. I am still rather partial to "A Pug in a Pickle" as well. Wookie

  19. B.Stover
    5:31 am on November 2nd, 2010

    I saw The Man Who Knew Too Much when I was a kid. It's too intense for me.

    Sorry but I still don't like the title.

  20. Riö - The Evil
    5:38 am on November 2nd, 2010

    Hey!…Wookie would have won the contest!…snort!… How about that?

  21. Wookie of Chevy Chas
    5:41 am on November 2nd, 2010

    Stover, I would agree that it is quite intense, but it is still one of Hitchcock's best — a real classic (along with Rear Window and a whole lot of others). Jimmy Stewart is just phenomenal in the male lead, and Doris Day singing Que Sera, Sera to save the day at the end is spectacular. Wookie the Hitchcock aficiando

  22. Wookie of Chevy Chas
    5:43 am on November 2nd, 2010

    Rio, actually it would have been my mom (Debbie LM). The other choices listed were my choices. Wookie

  23. Riö - The Evil
    5:47 am on November 2nd, 2010

    Hitchcock!….To Catch a Thief was a Hitchcock movie also!…snort!…I see a definite theme developing in Spencer’s choice of Titles…heh!

  24. Wookie of Chevy Chas
    5:48 am on November 2nd, 2010

    Que Sera, Sera

    Whatever will be, will be

    The title's not ours to choose

    Que Sera, Sera

  25. B.Stover
    5:54 am on November 2nd, 2010

    That film may be a classic and very good but life is intense enough.

  26. Riö - The Evil
    6:02 am on November 2nd, 2010

    Groan!… We are going to go lie down for a while ….sniff!… She doesn’t look well at all…snuffle!… I’ll take one of my favorite toys up there on the big bed to cheer her up…snort!

  27. Lexi
    6:02 am on November 2nd, 2010

    The Dog That Knew Too Much? Cool! But, does that mean that another dog is going to be involved, or is The Dog That Knew Too Much really Chet? Because when I think of that title, I think of a dead dog, and I know that Chet can never ever die.

    Anyways, good morning y'all!!

    Enjoyin' some candy with Megan (no chocolate).

    DDoB(for Rio, Daily Dose of Bob):

    🙂 🙁 😛 :O 😀 😐

  28. Lexi
    6:03 am on November 2nd, 2010

    OMG! I still have the curse!! Grrrr….

  29. AbbietheKitty
    6:09 am on November 2nd, 2010

    My Choices were:

    A Dog Collar

    Dog Unleashed

    Dog Nabbit

  30. Jasper the Poodle
    6:12 am on November 2nd, 2010

    Rio: There is no such thing as a free lunch. Sorry, toots.

  31. B.Stover
    6:12 am on November 2nd, 2010

    I don't think the movie terrified me when I was a kid. In some ways Hitchcock movies remind me of Joyce Carol Oates' novels. I'll watch the movie again.

  32. Alice Johnson
    6:17 am on November 2nd, 2010

    My choices were:

    The Furtive Detective

    Bernie and the Jet

    and my personal favorite Sit and Run

    But I really liked Stop Drop and Roll Over from Barb and Maggie

    Oh, and A Pug in a Pickle, of course.

  33. Barb & Maggie
    6:34 am on November 2nd, 2010

    The creative juices are flowing today! Lots of good titles. Abbie and Alice have some good ones. I like Dog Collar and Dog Nabbit.

  34. Lexi
    6:46 am on November 2nd, 2010

    Cool titles everyone!

  35. Staff
    6:48 am on November 2nd, 2010

    Spence can choose the title. I don't hate or love it at this point. My only problem with it is that I have to type so many letters for it.


    And I can't say it easily like TFAT and THAT. I think I will just go with the first 4 words, TDWK (tudwook)

  36. AbbietheKitty
    6:51 am on November 2nd, 2010

    The blog bug is stranger than ever today.

    1-When I post it goes blank (white),

    2-but if I then hit the backspace button twice I get the blog at yesterdays post.

    3-Then, if I hit the link for today, We have a title, I get todays post and my post is there.

  37. Wookie of Chevy Chas
    7:01 am on November 2nd, 2010

    Stover. I think you will enjoy it a lot more seeing it now. My dad, for example, saw Psycho, another HItchcock classic, as a fairly young kid when it first came out, and it was pretty overwhelming at the time (so he recalls), although as an adult he can appreciate it a lot more (although because of all the parodies that have been done on Psycho, it is almost a bit campy if you watch it now). And did anybody even passingly think about The Birds when watching the starling clip that was posted yesterday? Wookie

  38. Barb & Maggie
    7:07 am on November 2nd, 2010

    Wookie, Yes Barb said the starling clip reminded her of The Birds. That was her favorite Hitchcock movie. She used to watch the half hour Hitchcock show every week too.

  39. Melanie
    7:12 am on November 2nd, 2010

    Will catch up later. Zoë and I were out saving trees again. Who knew beavers like maple trees?

    Looked out the window and said, "We've been robbed."

    Here's what's left of that 20 foot maple.

    Our neighbor lost ten poplar trees last night.

    He doesn't mind because he can see the river now.

    Not allowed to cut trees down on the river.


    [img ]http://chetthedog.wpengine.com/wp-content/uploads/1288714320-IMG_1652.JPG[/img]

  40. B.Stover
    7:15 am on November 2nd, 2010

    We watched the Hitchcock tv show also. I liked The Birds. Isn't Psycho pure thriller, by which I mean thriller for the sake of thriller? Birds is the same. What is the significance of these movies?

    And before I leave the subject of book 4 title: All of the other titles were humorous plays on words. To Fetch (you can get Chet out of that leaving the F off) a Thief was especially humorous because of the connection to the movie title. The Dog Who Knew Too Much merely substitutes "Dog" for "Man."

  41. Siber-H
    7:19 am on November 2nd, 2010

    I like the title, "The Dog Who Knew Too Much" I think it is a good omen that Spence and Wookie's mom came up with the same title. All of you guys came up with some good ones.


    Rio, I hope your friend is feeling better soon. Mom says it is a good day to just collapse anyway…what with the end of baseball season and all.

    I'm sad that the Rangers lost the WS and feel bad for them, but I am happy for the Giants that they won. That doesn't happen very often.

    So, Chuckie is breadking rocks in the hot sun…hee hee

  42. Riö - The Evil
    7:25 am on November 2nd, 2010

    Stover!… I see your point!…snort!… What if the title were changed to The Dog Who Nose Too Much ?… heh! …A play on words…sniff!…Would you like that better?

  43. Riö - The Evil
    7:29 am on November 2nd, 2010

    Melanie!….That’s not the big beautiful maple you have a photo of on your blog, is it?….snort!….Unbelievable what beavers can do in the night…grunt!

  44. B.Stover
    7:35 am on November 2nd, 2010

    Yes Rio. That's much better.

  45. Lexi
    7:39 am on November 2nd, 2010

    I don't know why, but the book title On Your Tail just popped up in my mind a few minutes ago when I was thinking what the plot summary of the next book will be.

  46. Siber-H
    7:42 am on November 2nd, 2010

    Do beavers have any natural predators? I can't think of any except the mountain men, who are long gone, and who weren't a part of the natural environment anyway.

    Melanie, do you have or are you going to have a big beaver dam on your river?

    Stover, I think the significance of those two movies is purely to entertain, which they were very successful at, and they were extremely well made. I think everyone who has seen the movie, The Birds, thought of that movie while watching the Starling video. Mom knows a woman that to this day that won't take a shower if she is alone in the house.

  47. Barb & Maggie
    7:45 am on November 2nd, 2010

    We like The Dog Who Nose Too Much better. It brings in the movie and a play on words. Good goin, Rio. Hope your friend feels better.

    We will be back later. Barb is going to vote and a bunch of other things. Guess I will take a nap. Bu-bye

  48. Siber-H
    7:48 am on November 2nd, 2010

    That's good one, Rio, "nose"….Lexi's is a good one also. Lexi's is more like Dog On IT.

  49. Riö - The Evil
    7:54 am on November 2nd, 2010

    Hey!…While I was napping I thought of another Hitchcock title…cough!…. Snort By Snortwest… This one is dedicated to DebbieLM…heh!

  50. B.Stover
    8:21 am on November 2nd, 2010

    Sorry SH, but to me a "classic" should do something more than merely entertain.

  51. Wookie of Chevy Chas
    9:39 am on November 2nd, 2010

    Is there any chance that marauding goats could take care of the beavers? There may be some good use for them after all. Wookie

  52. Riö - The Evil Pug
    10:57 am on November 2nd, 2010

    Stover!… You said you were a kid when you saw it last….snort!… It probably terrified you because of the little boy in the film…grunt!… I bet if you re-watch it you will find it is a very good movie. It does have a dash of comedy right at the end….heh!

  53. B.Stover
    10:18 am on November 2nd, 2010

    Winebuys.com just sent an email saying that the Cahors I ordered is no longer in stock.

    I just read that the predators of beavers, besides man, are coyotes, wolves and bears.

    What did Admin mean by "Business is business"?

  54. A. Catty Librarian
    10:33 am on November 2nd, 2010

    You are all so intelligent. I never thought of a single title. And I can't think how to change my favorite Hitchcock movie Rear Window into a clever dog-related title. Any ideas?

    Stover, maybe "Business is business" means that the powers that be didn't want a title contest and just wanted to get on with the next book.

  55. A. Catty Librarian
    10:36 am on November 2nd, 2010

    I'm looking up a list of Hitchcock movies. How about The Trouble with Hairy?

    Nope, didn't think so.

  56. Melanie
    10:38 am on November 2nd, 2010

    I'd love to see a marauding goat after a rampaging beaver. It would do my heart good. Beavers do not have any natural preditors around here. Though I imagine the bears would eat them if they could catch them, and the catamounts that supposedly don't live here. Some are seen each year, but MA wildlife people say "NO, they are not here."

    No mountain men would be able to get them. You can't kill them, you can't transport them, you can't trap them . .

    Not our big Maple that one is REALLY old. This one was about 7 years old.

    Love all the titles! We should keep Spence writing forever if he uses all of these up!

    Bernie and the Jet. Snicker!

  57. B.Stover
    10:41 am on November 2nd, 2010

    And the business of America is business? Sigh.

  58. Melanie
    10:44 am on November 2nd, 2010

    Coyotes (or as around here, Coytdogs). We have those. Every once in awhile I can hear them howling.

    They don't seem to be doing their job though.

  59. B.Stover
    10:51 am on November 2nd, 2010

    Melanie: Did you or your neighbor hear the trees being felled during the night?

  60. Melanie
    10:58 am on November 2nd, 2010

    The dogs barked around 4 am. They are in the stockade directly behind the house. Zoë says that if they bark about that time tomorrow morning she's going to let them into the puppy play yard that overlooks the orchard. That might be enough to keep the beavers off of our property.

    It was 29 degrees last night and all of us in the neighborhood had our windows shut so we did not hear any trees fall.

  61. AbbietheKitty
    11:08 am on November 2nd, 2010

    I think Spence just has to give The Dog Who Nose Too Much a second third or fourth thought. It is a good title. It made me laugh in a way the 'Knows' did not.

  62. AbbietheKitty
    11:09 am on November 2nd, 2010

    Staff is going off to quilting. She says to tell you she will BBL and to get rid of that &%$@ bug!

  63. Riö - The Evil
    12:07 pm on November 2nd, 2010

    Finally!…Someone got dressed and had some soup…snort!… We are watching an Audrey Hepburn movie….snuffle!

    Guys!…. Thanks for the vote of confidence in my one word change to the Title…snort!…Paws crossed, maybe Spencer will take a look at it…heh!

  64. Mollie (a black pood
    12:39 pm on November 2nd, 2010

    What a lot of good suggested titles. I like the new title for book 4,but I don't love it. I loved the titles of the other three books though. I don't know if the dog in the #4 title is supposed to be Chet or some other dog.

  65. Riö - The Evil
    12:42 pm on November 2nd, 2010

    Mollie!…. To me the titles of all the books so far are about Chet….snort!….Why would the 4th book title be any different?….sniff!

  66. Lexi
    1:06 pm on November 2nd, 2010

    The Dog Who Nose Too Much would refer to Chet, most likely, whereas The Dog Who Knew Too Much would be past tense, most likely ending in a dead dog. I don't know why, but my brain thinks this way. 😐 I still like the title On Your Tail, though.

  67. Riö - The Evil
    1:23 pm on November 2nd, 2010

    Lexi!… Maybe it’s just me but On Your Tail sounds painful to me….snort!… I keep thinking of someone stepping on or pulling my tail…grunt!

  68. B.Stover
    1:29 pm on November 2nd, 2010

    This is very interesting Rio. How could anyone step on your tail? (This is a real question.)

  69. Riö - The Evil
    1:32 pm on November 2nd, 2010

    Ideas!… Here are two more ideas…snort!… I came up with one and she came up with the other one….grunt!…Pug in a Puddle and License To Bite….hmmmm?

  70. Riö - The Evil
    1:37 pm on November 2nd, 2010

    Stover!…That is a very real nightmare I have from time to time…shudder!… I’m sitting down sort of squatting flat on my butt with my back legs spread eagle and my tail is resting on the floor…grunt!… I tend to doze off when I’m in this position because I am perfectly balanced… heh!… Then as I am dozing I imagine some big clod-hopper foot with a big boot on it crunching on my poor tail…Yeep!…. I usually wake up with a start and topple over…sniff!

  71. B.Stover
    1:59 pm on November 2nd, 2010

    Rio: I'm laughing too much to type.

  72. Riö - The Evil
    2:04 pm on November 2nd, 2010

    Stover!… It’s not a laughing matter….grunt!

  73. Melanie
    2:09 pm on November 2nd, 2010

    Riö and Stover: You had us laughing here!

  74. A. Catty Librarian
    2:35 pm on November 2nd, 2010

    Rio, you paint pictures with your words. I picture you nearly asleep and toppling over with a jerk, and I picture you getting cosy with your baseball toys in all the right places, having been nuzzled there by your nose.

  75. Barb & Maggie
    2:48 pm on November 2nd, 2010

    Barb is back from our her travels, but now she feels like she has what Rio's friend had. She is crashing on the sofa for the evening.

    Rio, your story got a laugh from her before she parked on the sofa. See you guys tomorrow.

  76. B.Stover
    2:56 pm on November 2nd, 2010

    I'm sorry I'm laughing Rio but how can you sleep in that position…sitting up?? And then I picture you toppling over…too much!

  77. Melanie
    3:03 pm on November 2nd, 2010

    I'm with Barb about collapsing. Not that I'm sick, just exhausted.

    Riö's friend and Barb: Feel Better!


  78. Wölfie Wigglebu
    3:06 pm on November 2nd, 2010

    I'm sorry, but I don't like the title either. I feel cheated.

  79. Riö - The Evil
    3:39 pm on November 2nd, 2010

    Stover!… She searched and searched for a photo of me sleeping while sitting up…snort!… This is the only one she could find tonight… grunt! … She says I snore when I’m like this, but I don’t believe it…grump!

    [img ]http://chetthedog.wpengine.com/wp-content/uploads/1288744762-RioSittingSleeping.jpg[/img]

  80. B.Stover
    3:50 pm on November 2nd, 2010

    Rio: You look so cute! Your pug nose is the focus.

  81. Riö - The Evil
    3:52 pm on November 2nd, 2010

    Wolfie!… Is he bummed?….sniff!… I’ve never seen him so bluntly opinionated…snort!

  82. Mollypop
    3:54 pm on November 2nd, 2010

    Awww. How sweet.

  83. Riö - The Evil
    4:02 pm on November 2nd, 2010

    Sweet?…Cute?….Really?…dammit!… I think I look Rugged and Battle Weary…snort!

  84. JOe Erickson
    4:08 pm on November 2nd, 2010

    I like the title the dog who knew too much

  85. JOe Erickson
    4:09 pm on November 2nd, 2010


    like the title the dog who knew too much

  86. B.Stover
    4:35 pm on November 2nd, 2010

    Let's see….How can one look both rugged and battle weary?

  87. Riö - The Evil
    5:01 pm on November 2nd, 2010

    Stover!…Think Russell Crowe – In a Pug suit….sniff!

  88. Riö - The Evil
    5:31 pm on November 2nd, 2010

    Bed!… I’m told we are off to bed now…sniff!…She is feeling sickly and I am feeling great and want to stay up and Santuary…crap!… Goodnight everybody, sleep tight don’t let things bite…snort!… I wish she had a TV in her bedroom but she doesn’t….grump!

    ((( Who is Joe Erickson?? He’s not the V-E-T is he?? )))…sniffle!

  89. Kirby T. Penworthy
    6:17 pm on November 2nd, 2010

    Hey, y'all! I'm coming in late tonight — Mom was busy watching the election results and didn't turn on the computer for me. And we're both bummed by the no contest thing. Mom had it all planned that she was going to win the contest, and when Spence came to deliver the book, he could hit two birds with one stone and do a signing at her library!

    Anyway, while Mom was at the library, she was keeping her eyes open for titles she could "Chetify." Here are a few of hers:

    * Scents and Scent Ability

    * Pup Fiction

    * Scents of Evil

    She has more, but they're on about 50 pieces of scratch paper — and she has no idea where they all are. And at this point I guess it doesn't matter!

  90. Kirby T. Penworthy
    6:18 pm on November 2nd, 2010

    OK, so the blog bug is still here and there's no contest. Can we at least look forward to another Astrid installment?!

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