Virgil …

… deserves some good luck. We hope he turns up safe.


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67 Responses to “Virgil …”

  1. dawson
    7:54 am on January 12th, 2016

    Me too. I hope Virgil is found safe.

    Morning all.

  2. Herd of Hounds
    7:56 am on January 12th, 2016

    Good morning, everyone! Why is it so hard for 2 leggers to remember that the nation within only does what people want? Did Virgil’s people have an international permit? V e t’s documents? Proof of “ownership”? Poor Virgil.
    Mom is toddling off to the library soon so we will give her lovers and lickers and some dog hair.
    Have a tip-top Tuesday.

  3. Herd of Hounds
    7:56 am on January 12th, 2016

    Dawson, you are the early bird this a.m.

  4. Terry Ballard
    7:58 am on January 12th, 2016

    This family never ceases to amaze. I predict that they will star in a reality show before the year is out. Shame about the dog. I hope he finds a loving home of non-idiots.

  5. Linda
    8:56 am on January 12th, 2016

    I’m with you, Terry!

    Good morning from -2 degrees Wisconsin. I don’t like cold weather. And it snowed last night! (I don’t like snow either.) Bah.

  6. Rose-the small and meek
    9:08 am on January 12th, 2016


    Another cold day here in my neck of the woods. Still waiting for that snow…

    Today’s GOOGLE doodle salutes author Charles Perrault. It is a fun one, as it shows different scenes from his fairy tales.

    Hopefully, Virgil will be found safe and adopted by a loving, decent family. As for the spoiled brat affluenza kid, and his spoiled brat mother, I hope they will soon be wearing orange jumpsuits, and breaking rocks in the hot sun…

  7. B.Stover
    9:56 am on January 12th, 2016

    I’m laughing. When I saw today’s post title I assumed Spence was referring to the author of the Aeneid.

    I hope Virgil is found soon.

    It’s 19 degrees here and has been snowing and blowing.

    Good morning all.

  8. Staff
    10:03 am on January 12th, 2016

    After looking at Virgil’s news I found a few dog photos. Ah, Rio??? Don’t look back.

  9. Staff
    10:04 am on January 12th, 2016

    I don’t know if this is Tuppence or Gillyflower but I would hire him/her.

  10. Tupper's Mama
    10:14 am on January 12th, 2016

    Oh my, that certainly looks like Tuppence – haughty expression and all.

    Well said, Terry. Why people chose to pay attention to the Honey BooBoo’s, Kardashians, Duck Dynasty and various and other assorted self-promoting, oddball, attention-seekers is beyond our comprehension.

    We have beautiful, blue, sun-lit skies here. And the city has just issued via robo-call a snow emergency.

    Uh oh

  11. Mpop and Loulou's Mom
    11:03 am on January 12th, 2016

    Tupper’s Mama, I’m trying to send our snow to Rose. Maybe my aim is bad. Sorry.

  12. Barb, Maggie and Lucy
    11:10 am on January 12th, 2016

    Beautiful dog, hope she is found, but NOT returned to those jerks.

    We agree with T & G about the reality shows. Add the Duggars to the list.

    Colder than I like it here, but going to brave the elements to meet a friend at the local Mexican restaurant.

  13. Mpop and Loulou's Mom
    12:35 pm on January 12th, 2016

    Now we’re having thunder snow.

    Many of you may have seen the picture of the ‘carscicle’ on the national news. Some idiot parked his car in a parking lot at the edge of Lake Erie and the waves washed over it and turned it into a chunk of ice. The noon news says the owner is trying to chip away at the door but no luck yet. Maybe by spring.

  14. BearSpiritDog
    12:37 pm on January 12th, 2016

    Is that Story Safe to Read? We don’t like Lost Dog Stories…no we do not.

    Tupperance: Will you be available for a Consultation after the Plunderer’s Big Lottery Win?

    Mexican Food! Yum! Well Worth the Venture out into the Cold, I’d say.

  15. Masquers
    12:39 pm on January 12th, 2016

    MPM: Amazing foto of the frozen car yesterday.

  16. B.Stover
    1:00 pm on January 12th, 2016

    I made bread pudding which I haven’t made in ages. It smells very nice in here while I sit in my easy chair watching a whirlwind of blowing snow in the garden.

    MPM: I saw the picture of that frozen car. At first I thought it was an ice sculpture.

  17. BooBear
    1:14 pm on January 12th, 2016

    Our news said he was partying at a bar and took a taxi home to avoid driving under the influence. Came back this morning to the carsicle.

  18. c.hobbit
    1:16 pm on January 12th, 2016

    Good day all. Today is my travel day back north where there still isn’t any snow. I arrive home about midnight.
    I was eating at Chilpolte’s and the have cups with a written feature from authors

  19. c.hobbit
    1:21 pm on January 12th, 2016

    This one featured Lois Lowry about a dog who followed a child home and he wants to keep it. The child enticed it with food and at the end you learn that his dog had died and he has Jake’s collar under his pillow that this new dog can wear and he still has Jake’s bowls so this new dog wouldn’t require any money to be spent. Snif. Maybe OFA can feature Chet or Woolf on the cups someday

  20. dawson
    1:35 pm on January 12th, 2016

    CHobbit: Wah! Did he get to keep the dog? Sniff.

    I’m off for a walk in the sun and snow to play cribbage.

  21. c.hobbit
    2:03 pm on January 12th, 2016

    HOH: it was a cliffhanger ending.
    This in the paper today about making plans to move the start of the Iditarod to Fairbanks once again.

  22. BooBear
    2:22 pm on January 12th, 2016

    C.Hobbit, Mom really didn’t want to see that but has kind of been expecting it.

  23. BooBear
    2:24 pm on January 12th, 2016

    Mom feels stupid. She didn’t realize the google doodle changes during the day. It is now showing different fairy tails.

  24. Zeus
    2:42 pm on January 12th, 2016

    T&G informed me that I am to kiss my three redheaded girlfriends today.

  25. Tupper's Mama
    2:45 pm on January 12th, 2016

    We loved that picture of the carscicle. Not driving after partying, smart. Parking in that spot – not so much.

    Since coming home from surgery, we have been relegated to staying in a “beach chair” position. So sitting upright, no laying down flat. So we have been living/sleeping/watching tv etc from the recliner sofa, padded all around with pillows and blankets. And Corgis. Who just happen to be redheads.

  26. Masquers
    2:57 pm on January 12th, 2016

    CHobbiti: Love the Chilpolti story on a kup idea.

    Great fotos all.

  27. BearSpiritDog
    4:04 pm on January 12th, 2016

    Zeus: Is the Donut really a Red?

  28. Barb, Maggie and Lucy
    4:13 pm on January 12th, 2016

    Boobear, I didn’t know the doodle changed during the day. I thought there was just one for the whole day.

    Amalia, I hope you are being waited on hand and paw over there. Work it, girl!

    Amalia already saw it before I did, but my son posted a picture of his new tat on my F.B. page. It has MOM in a heart with a pink ribbon. I am honored to say the least!

  29. Mpop and Loulou's Mom
    4:25 pm on January 12th, 2016

    BooBear, I didn’t know how the ice car happened. I thought he was just stupid. He was parked outside a bar/restaurant on the lake so it’s good he didn’t drive. Too bad there isn’t a photo of his expression when he came back to get his car!

  30. Zeus
    5:25 pm on January 12th, 2016

    The Donut is acting very peculiar! She normally goes crazy at dinner time, but tonight we couldn’t even find her. Meash and Kat and I ate and went back outside. Bella finall came back and went inside, but Mom says she is not eating her dinner.

  31. Zoe Montague
    5:27 pm on January 12th, 2016

    First corner done!

  32. Zoe Montague
    5:28 pm on January 12th, 2016

    Next time my grandson won’t load the picture upside down.

  33. BooBear
    5:33 pm on January 12th, 2016

    Zoe, we just love it! Just wish we knew who is who on the original newf pics.

  34. Mpop and Loulou's Mom
    5:44 pm on January 12th, 2016

    Zoe, that’s so perfect! Beautiful!

  35. Herd of Hounds
    5:46 pm on January 12th, 2016

    Zoe, we are so jealous and want a corner in our new (newf?) house like yours. It is BEAUTIFUL!

  36. Barb, Maggie and Lucy
    5:46 pm on January 12th, 2016

    Maybe Bella ate something while outside and isn’t hungry. And we must have missed something. Why is she called The Donut?

  37. Mpop and Loulou's Mom
    5:52 pm on January 12th, 2016

    This is too funny. Our news right now has the newscasters standing outside Hoak’s restaurant with the ice cube car in the background. People come by to take pictures. The waves from the lake storm keep washing over with people ducking.

  38. Tupper and Gilly
    6:57 pm on January 12th, 2016

    Zoe – so good to see all the beautiful Newf paintings and pictures again. We love the warm, wood walls too. There is a golden glow about your cozy corner

  39. Thieves!
    7:10 pm on January 12th, 2016

    BooBear: Maybe on your trip north to Alaska, you can finally break the tie of who is the better looking between us.

    Kiss a ginger! Our Lady doesn’t mind if she does! Even without his long locks, the Giant is a ginger.

  40. Zeus
    7:38 pm on January 12th, 2016

    Bella was not outside, BML. She got a shot, and some pills, and she and Mom are home. First they had to drive 15mph thru a blinding snow squall. Mom is all worn out. The Donut is not.

  41. dawson
    7:47 pm on January 12th, 2016

    Zeus: Oh oh! I’m glad you found Bella but it sounds like she ate something she shouldn’t have. I hope she feels better quickly.

    Zoe: Go sit in the corner! Not that you’ve been bad…it just looks like a lovely place to sit, surrounded by Newfs.

    We really have to pray for snow up in Anchorage. And cold weather.

  42. Bella Rossa
    7:51 pm on January 12th, 2016

    Zoe, I love your corner.
    BML, The Howlers began calling me Donut when I had to wear that e-collar after my operation. I think it is a term of endearment. At least I hope so.

  43. Herd of Hounds
    7:58 pm on January 12th, 2016

    Bella Rossa, no matter what any one calls you, you are a beautiful little ginger gal.

  44. BearSpiritDog
    8:16 pm on January 12th, 2016

    Zoe: Wonderful, Cozy, Corner.

    Bella: Feel Better!

  45. Rio - The Evil Pug
    8:41 pm on January 12th, 2016

    Corner!….I absolutely think it is wonderful!…snort!…My friend still has not “decorated” her bedroom. This really needs to get done at some point…snort!…Zoe Artist!

  46. Thieves!
    8:56 pm on January 12th, 2016

    Our Lady came home today to find the kitchen rug missing. She believes this to mean that someone had an accident in the kitchen. All dew claws point to three possible suspects: Wyatt, Ole Doc or the Giant. The Giant claims to be house trained, but Doc and Wyatt have cast reasonable doubt so say they. Ils accusent!

  47. Rio - The Evil Pug
    9:06 pm on January 12th, 2016

    Whoa!…Maybe the Giant thought he was still out on a training-run…yeeeep!…It is the only plausible explanation…snort!

  48. Thieves!
    9:12 pm on January 12th, 2016

    Or has he been framed? He will need a good defense.

  49. Scout
    9:16 pm on January 12th, 2016

    I scared mom today. I ate some macademia nuts last night. Actually, I stole those nuts and ate them. I woke up today and did not feel good. I was walking around all hunched up. Quick as you please, the younger son hustled me to the V E T and I had to stay there all day! By myself! Luckily, those nuts just give tummy aches and at the end of the day I got to come home. My appetite returned a couple of hours ago. Mom says she hopes I learned my lesson. I forget what lesson that is, but I am back on the bed, next to mom for the night.

  50. Thieves! of Snowhook
    9:18 pm on January 12th, 2016

    Zoe: Your corner of the world is beautiful!

  51. Thieves!
    9:20 pm on January 12th, 2016

    Scout: We can help you out with what the lesson was to be learnt—put up a bigger fight next time someone tries to haul you of to the vet. And, if that doesn’t work, have an, er, accident on the kitchen rug to teach them a lesson.

  52. Rio - The Evil Pug
    9:21 pm on January 12th, 2016

    Scout!…Whose a good guy?…snort!

  53. Bella Rossa
    9:33 pm on January 12th, 2016

    Scout! I can relate.

  54. Herd of Hounds
    9:55 pm on January 12th, 2016

    Scout, glad you are on your way back to tip top.

  55. Rio - The Evil Pug
    10:11 pm on January 12th, 2016

    Dawson!…No updates on new Checkpoints being sponsored with all those matching monies?….snort!…Or have you been too busy walking about and playing cards to check the checkpoint emails…sniff!

  56. Rio - The Evil Pug
    10:27 pm on January 12th, 2016

    Losers!…Wow! Once again The Biggest Loser is on to get me through the dawg-damned winter months…snort!snort!…I am watching the first episode OnDemand as we actually missed the first two episodes…gah!…How did that happen?..wheeze!…No matter, we will catch up and grunt and wheeze with all those special folks who got chosen to have their lives saved…sniffle!…I love this show.

  57. Tenzing
    10:41 pm on January 12th, 2016

    Biggest loser! That’s what I feel like every time the Giant calls me off treaties—his kind—he has been dropping on the floor as he is prepping food for drop bags. What’s a treat between friends, I ask youse?

  58. Thieves!
    11:27 pm on January 12th, 2016

    With no confessions and little progress made in the investigation, the case of the missing kitchen rug remains open.

  59. ML
    11:45 pm on January 12th, 2016

    Did someone say they were reading ‘Fates and Furies’? I am trying to get into it but the writing style bugs me. I will plunder on

    You ought to be living in ground zero of the Affluenza Brat. Every time the mom clears her throat, it is Breaking News.

  60. Staff
    11:58 pm on January 12th, 2016

    Dawson posted a picture of herself lifting an 115 pound deadlift. Yeep! It is actually a 13 second video and I can’t get a still shot of it. grump.

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