Don’t care for the leash – I make no bones about it, whatever that means. I love a good bone, or even a dried, cracked-up old one covered in dirt. The bones from Max’s Memphis Ribs! We’ll get to them another time, but right now it’s about … yes! I remember! The leash. Don’t care for the leash. The collar, no problem. I have a brown one for everyday and a black one for dress-up. Sometimes, like in court, you have to wear the leash and that’s that. Once I was Exhibit A. Exhibit B was a .44 Magnum I’d dug up in a flower bed. You should have seen the look on the perp’s lawyer’s face! “Surprise,” Bernie said in a real low voice that only I could hear. I always enjoy a day in court.


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2 Responses to “Unleashed”

  1. alphonse
    4:46 pm on February 13th, 2009

    ok. The think is. Mye dog ate mye dinner. It was a submarine. It had turky and chease, allives and those lttle green thinks.

    Anyway. Im pretty angry. Espeshally at the dog.

    Did Chet ever do that?


  2. alphonse
    4:10 pm on February 14th, 2009

    hi> I read your book. Loved it.Incredible for me to read a whole book-espeshally without pichtures (cant seem to figure out the period>) Anyway,Chet is cool> he makes me think of my dog. He ate my lunch yesterday" It was a submarine. With chees and turky and allives and jenoha salomy?:: I was reelly angry;; Espeshally at the dog.

    Did chet ever do that? Anyway, he ate it all>

    Cost almost as much as your book–but your book is worth much more'

    Atleast. thats what my frends think@

    alphonse. your new frend&&

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