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25 Responses to “Uh-oh”

  1. Herd of Hounds
    7:30 am on December 23rd, 2017

    Good morning everyone! Hard to believe it is December 23. Rainy, blustery with the temperature dropping today here. Good day for a nap.

  2. BearSpiritDog
    8:03 am on December 23rd, 2017

    There was so much Traffic Yesterday it took an hour to travel 11 miles. Guess lots of folks are Behind the Eight Ball.

    Good Morning Hounds and Everyone.

  3. Wose-The Small and Meek
    8:19 am on December 23rd, 2017


    Good morning Bear and HOH!

    We here have managed not to get caught behind the 8 ball as far as Christmas shopping goes.

    It is gray and rainy in this neck of the woods. Temps are expected to reach 50. Come Sunday, the temps will dip drastically. Yeep!

    Good day to all!

  4. Thieves!
    12:47 pm on December 23rd, 2017

    Beau: What is our status on the nice list?

  5. BearSpiritDog
    5:51 pm on December 23rd, 2017

    Thieves! I have the Same Question.

  6. Wose-The Small and Meek
    6:00 pm on December 23rd, 2017

    Thieves! Yes, I am wondering what Beau has to say too!

  7. Beau - The Black Pug
    7:01 pm on December 23rd, 2017

    Sneeze!…Status of da Thieves keeps rising as Rio keeps receiving packages of Slim Jims and Cheeze and even some Cookies that were confiscated by Mother….snort!sneeze!…Two Paws up for da Thieves so far….yark!

  8. Beau - The Black Pug
    7:03 pm on December 23rd, 2017

    Status!…Of Bear and Maskers. Dey are high on da list because of all da wine dey sent my friend for Christmas. An dat lovely early Christmas Card!…snort!sneeze!

  9. Beau - The Black Pug
    7:05 pm on December 23rd, 2017

    Status!….Rose my dear you are so very high all da time…heh! I especially loved the love youse put inta dat calendar dis year…snorkel!…It touched my friend an Mother very much. You have da biggest heart for such a little person…sneeze!

  10. Riõ - The Evil Pug
    7:09 pm on December 23rd, 2017

    Done!…All except for the little bit of cooking tomorrow, so says my friend!…snort!…Easy peasy cooking for a change as her sister is going to make the Turkey and Potatoes and Gravy…heh!…My friend is all about the side dishes which are easy as pie (which she bought!)…chuffle! …Sounds like tomorrow is literally a Day of Rest…wuffle!

  11. Masquers
    7:50 pm on December 23rd, 2017

    Beau Sniff.

  12. Beau - The Black Pug
    7:59 pm on December 23rd, 2017

    Maskers!…Don’t you cry, I’m telling ya why!…sneeze!…Santa Claws is coming ta town!…gurgle!chuffle!

  13. Beau - The Black Pug
    8:03 pm on December 23rd, 2017

    Santa!…He is quite a card up here in Heaven….chuffle!…Although he is not good at Poker. I admit I have taken him for quite a lot of mooo-lahh lately…sneeze!…I hope he can feed his reindeer for the big night…heh!heh!

  14. Thieves!
    9:56 pm on December 23rd, 2017

    Beau: We would like to secure ourselves a spot on the nice list by tomorrow. Can you make this happen if we help Santa do his job? We are no slouch when it comes to the fine art of breaking and/or entering.

  15. Beau - The Black Pug
    10:49 pm on December 23rd, 2017


  16. Beau - The Black Pug
    10:51 pm on December 23rd, 2017

    Santa!…There is no bargaining wiff ole Santa. Either youse are in or youse are out…grunt!sneeze!

  17. Thieves!
    10:53 pm on December 23rd, 2017

    Dibs on in!

  18. Beau - The Black Pug
    11:04 pm on December 23rd, 2017

    Sneeze!…Thieves youse can’t put dibbies on Ole Santa…ehehehehehe!..cough!…Santa is all about Good and Bad and Dibs are nuffin to him…snuffle!

  19. Staff
    12:11 am on December 24th, 2017

    I am glad to hear that Santa has standards. It seems to have been a poor year for standards. Keep it up Santa (and Beau).

    I have been painting the spare bedroom. 25 years ago when we remodeled the farm house I became very tired with 2 rooms left to paint. (They were primed, lol) Years later I discovered that was when I started with the kidney disease. Being tired is one of the few symptoms.
    Anyway that room and the stairway/landing were never painted.
    I had a friend in who helped me and we got that 15’6″ x 15’1″ room painted and the trim painted and the doors and windows painted and the ceiling repainted and I even cut, painted and attached trim on the 15’1″ side of the room. All except 18 inches because I ran out of trim and the stuff I bought WAS THE WRONG D**N SIZE. Grump.

    It took us 15 hours.


    I am starting to put stuff back in the room and move stuff from other rooms and put stuff in other rooms and I am having a great time except I need 2 strong youngsters for about half a day to move all this stuff.

  20. Thieves!
    12:11 am on December 24th, 2017

    Beau: Why didn’t you say so? We have a spot on the nice list for sure. We are very good at being not good and vice versa. We’re a double threat!

  21. Staff
    12:12 am on December 24th, 2017

    Question…Are the Thieves strong?

  22. Thieves!
    12:27 am on December 24th, 2017

    Staff: Yes! And since we were reunited in This Side of the Bridge, we have never felt younger. We are at your service.

  23. Staff
    12:50 am on December 24th, 2017

    Thieves. Wonderful! I will meet you in the spare bedroom tomorrow morning. I will bring slim jims and BACON. If you will bring your harnesses I have a tiny little bit of pulling for you. I know it will be easy peasy for you two strong guys!

  24. ML
    12:53 am on December 24th, 2017

    Happy Christmas Eve to one and all!

  25. Wose-The Small and Meek
    8:05 am on December 24th, 2017

    Beau Sniff…

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